Alternative to Meds Center Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

alternative to meds center review

Alternative to Meds Center has helped thousands become free from drugs, alcohol and psychiatric medication. The licensed inpatient mental health center helps supervise psychiatric medication tapers in favor of more natural and holistic treatment methods.

The facility is a small residential drug rehab in Sedona, Arizona that offers various levels of care including aftercare support and intervention levels of drug addiction treatment. The treatment facility is licensed and accredited by the state, as well as SAMHSA. They accept private health insurance. The program provides a variety of therapies including group and individual counseling, art therapy, and more.

In addition to traditional therapeutic approaches, alternative to meds center review also uses naturopathic treatments to promote healing of the body. These include neurotoxin removal, laboratory testing, colon hydrotherapy, massages, qigong, yoga, equine therapy, and energy medicine techniques such as Reiki.

The center also focuses on relationship therapy to help addicts and their spouses rebuild trust and communication in their intimate relationships. This type of counseling can also help couples overcome issues related to infidelity and abuse. Additionally, the facility encourages exercise and mindfulness practices and offers an organic diet that addresses underlying health imbalances.

David Sunnyside
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