Amazon Prime Day - The Biggest Discounts of the Year

July 13, 2023
Justin Lumiere

amazon prime day

Now is an ideal time to become an Amazon Prime member; not only can you access Prime Day, but members also benefit from free shipping and other benefits.

This year's two-day shopping event will run from July 11 to 12, enabling consumers to take advantage of savings on everything from mattresses to Apple tech products.

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day is an annual two-day sale event where Amazon offers discounts on thousands of products. Amazon typically focuses heavily on selling its own goods with prices often matching or surpassing Black Friday prices on items like Kindles and Echo smart speakers. Prime members can also take advantage of special offers for Amazon-exclusive subscription services.

This year, Amazon Prime Day 2023 offers include exclusive items that won't be found elsewhere - like an USB-C cable equipped with an LED display to show how much power is being transferred across, as well as a Peloton Bike featuring a 22" touchscreen that lets users see classes on its platform.

Customers can find both new Prime Day items as well as daily Amazon deals such as bedding, tech gadgets, and kitchen essentials - with limited-time Lightning Deals coming live for a short amount of time that may sell out fast!

What are the best Amazon Prime Day deals?

This week marks some of the year's deepest discounts at top-rated retailers, from apparel and shoes to tech and beauty. We have selected some amazing Prime Day offers so you can score some incredible savings.

No matter your fashion needs - from sneakers to summer-friendly dresses - there's something here for everyone on this list. Plus, take advantage of savings on beauty and kitchen essentials like this 10 pack of highly-rated, absorbent washcloths or an intelligent doorbell to enhance home security!

If you haven't joined Amazon Prime yet, now is an excellent time to do so! The online retailer offers new members a free 30-day trial subscription and discounts of 50% for students or those receiving government assistance. Plus, members will enjoy benefits like free delivery and access to Prime Video as well as discounted sale prices throughout the year! Plus don't forget refurbished products and Amazon Warehouse sites where top-rated items can often be found at lower costs than expected!

What are the best Amazon Prime Day deals for non-members?

Non-Prime members can take advantage of some deals during Prime Day as well, including buy one get one Six Flags tickets and $5/month Panera Unlimited Sip Club subscriptions. You'll find these offerings near the top of Amazon's event page(opens in new tab).

Keep an eye out for Lightning Deals offering bedding, tech and kitchen essentials; some sales may only last several hours before items sell out quickly.

Prime Day also presents you with opportunities from other retailers, like Best Buy's low-priced 43-inch 4K Omni Fire TV - our most affordable OLED ever! or Nordstrom's sale of Kiehl's lip sleeping mask and L'Oreal Paris hair winners (among many others).

If you're not already a Prime member or have one of the other companies that provide this service, sign up now for a free trial and join in on all the fun of Prime Day -- or any day after it. Plus, any items bought on Prime Day -- or any day! -- can be returned.

Can I return Amazon Prime Day deals?

As with any major sale event, not every purchase may meet expectations exactly. Perhaps your new curtains don't match your couch perfectly or there was something about an item you bought that wasn't as described or didn't fit properly - something like this may happen sometimes and may leave you disappointed.

American Prime members who purchase something they aren't completely satisfied with on Amazon Prime Day or any other time can take comfort knowing the company offers a flexible return policy, making returns simple: simply login and click "Returns and Orders" in the top-right corner of any page to access this feature.

Additionally, in 2023 the company implemented the frequent return badge to identify products likely to be sent back by customers and prevent buyers from purchasing these products, though unfortunately not available from all third-party sellers.

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