AMC Accelerating Upgrade to Laser Projection in 3,500 Auditoriums by 2026

July 13, 2023
Justin Lumiere

laser amc

AMC Theaters will rapidly upgrade 3,500 auditoriums with laser projection by 2026 as their initial major investment since switching over to digital.

This technology delivers outstanding contrast and brightness levels, leading to more vibrant color and picture quality. Plus, this system is greener - no need to replace xenon bulbs regularly and reduced energy usage!


IMAX is an immersive movie format with wide screens and immersive sound systems, offering audiences an experience three times larger than conventional cinema screens with richer colors, greater details, higher clarity levels and brighter pictures.

As part of its enhanced picture quality, IMAX utilizes a proprietary system of speakers which create a rich audio experience synchronized with the picture for an added level of immersion.

IMAX with Laser is an advanced form of the original digital IMAX technology that employs dual 4K projectors to light a massive screen, producing sharper, brighter and clearer images than previous iterations. Furthermore, HDR gives more vibrant and lifelike colours for an immersive viewing experience - this technology can be utilized at various venues and offers much more consistent experiences while being cost effective than current dual digital IMAX projection systems.

AMC Disney Springs

No matter your park hopping needs or day trip plans, Disney Springs offers plenty of activities and attractions that offer something fun for everyone - dining to shopping - while offering something different on each and every visit.

West Side movie theater offers both Dolby and standard seating to provide the ideal atmosphere to catch a flick. Find something suitable to your taste.

At our theater, we also offer the Fork & Screen dine-in option so that you can pair your favorite foods and beverages with movies!

Cinionic laser projection technology at AMC Disney Springs theater provides improved picture contrast compared to traditional digital projectors as well as brighter colors for brighter experiences.

AMC Prime

AMC Prime is a premium large format (PLF) brand offering luxury seating and immersive sound. AMC recently upgraded their auditoriums with high-contrast Barco 4K laser projection, replacing traditional xenon projectors for greater environmental sustainability and superior image quality with reduced energy use.

AMC and Dolby Laboratories have joined forces to bring Dolby Cinema at AMC, featuring laser projection, Dolby Atmos immersive audio, power reclining seats that vibrate along with onscreen action and rumble seats that sync up to movie soundtracks. This experience offers power reclining seats that vibrate in sync with their surroundings as well as power recliners which vibrate in sync with action onscreen as well as power recline seats that sync to movie audio soundtracks.

AMC+ is an exciting new streaming bundle from AMC that brings together all of their channels - AMC, BBC America*, IFC, Sundance TV, Kickstarter TV, Shudder and IFC Films Unlimited - featuring original series, movies, festival favorites as well as horror, sci-fi and true crime content. Their high dynamic range and enhanced color technology allows for richer images than any other cinema experience.

California Science Center

Attraction Park in Los Angeles is home to California Science Center, an engaging museum for budding scientists and innovative thinkers of all ages. Boasting state-of-the-art displays covering aeronautics, physics, human and animal biology as well as nature's ecosystems; an IMAX theater as well as special exhibits is available as well; admission is free but timed-entry tickets must be obtained to access permanent exhibition galleries.

Space Shuttle Endeavour is one of the highlights of Samuel Oschin Air and Space Center's extensive collections. After 25 missions, this iconic vessel is on display in their Endeavour Pavilion where visitors can touch its tires, landing gear, see its "space potty" vacuum toilet system and gain insight into innovations related to space travel.

Other highlights of the museum include an expansive model of Earth, as well as an interactive model of its solar system and history. Visitors can watch as a satellite is launched into space, as well as view three historical space capsules from the 1960s - Mercury Redstone 2 Capsule which took a chimpanzee into space, Gemini 11 Capsule carrying two astronauts on short missions and more!

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