American Tactical Shotgun Review

April 15, 2023
David Sunnyside

american tactical shotgun review

American tactical shotgun review

In a world where we’re obsessed with ARs and handguns for home defense, tactical shotguns are still one of the best defensive or offensive weapons available for close-quarters work at short to medium ranges. With the right training and practice, a good tactical shotgun can be the most versatile tool at your disposal in a variety of situations, from hunting to self-defense.

ATI SGP Bulldog is an excellent choice for any gun nut who wants a high-quality, lightweight, compact 12 gauge shotgun that’s capable of being put into action in a hurry. It’s a well-built shotgun, comfortable to use, and a great choice for those looking for an affordable over/under that will stand up to the rigors of hunting or shooting in a high-pressure environment.

Bulldog is a gas-operated semi-automatic shotgun that’s quick to fire and highly reliable. Its Travor-esque fore-end makes it easy to point and shoot, while the non-reciprocating charging handle is conveniently located forward on the left side (sorry, not reversible).

The gun’s capacity is impressive. The twin tubular magazines can hold 15+1 2 3/4-inch shells and 12+1 3-inch shells, which is enough to get most jobs done. Kel-Tec made it simple to jump from one magazine to the next with a switch behind the grip.

My only negative experience with the gun has been with feed issues early on. These have been primarily due to operator error and can be corrected by working the slide back hard and strong-arming it forward.

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