An App Where You Send Pictures to Strangers

August 20, 2023
David Sunnyside

An app where you send pictures to strangers can be a lot of fun. People who share similar interests can talk to each other anonymously, post opinions and even play games such as truth or dare! This app can be a great way to find new friends!

The makers of the app, which calls itself Droppie, say they want to create a social experience that evokes the excitement of finding an unexpected package of old photos in the mail or leafing through a random packet at a flea market. The app strips away all the other stuff that you normally see on social networks — captions, tags, friends, likes and shares, and so on — so that "you are just left with the picture."

You take a photo, upload it to the app and then leave it in a specific location (restaurant, library, watering hole, etc.) The app alerts another user in the area to your drop, and they can pick it up.

Once the picture is picked up, you are notified that your drop has been selected and you can respond to the user who has chosen your image. The whole process is quick, easy and a bit exciting!

There are a few other apps that do similar things, but they tend to require some form of registration or other sort of tie-in with your existing account. This makes them less anonymous than Droppie, which uses a temporary location and doesn't require an account to use.

David Sunnyside
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