An Example of a Human API

July 16, 2023
David Sunnyside

An example of human api would be when a sculptor uses social media to show her work in progress and ask for audience input, a process that resembles how software APIs operate. Alternatively, it could also refer to the process of sharing health data in a way that benefits multiple parties.

In the life insurance industry, this means facilitating a faster underwriting process that reduces the number of cases where an exam is required. The company’s service allows consumers to share their medical records through a patient portal, giving the life insurer immediate access to the data it needs to approve an application. In addition to speeding the process, it also helps consumers connect with new providers in a more efficient manner. Founded in 2014, Human API is based out of San Mateo, CA. The company recently raised a $20 million series C round to expand its system. Guardian Life Insurance Company, SCOR Life & Health Ventures, Allianz Life Ventures and Moneta VC participated in the round.

Using the data network and its smart evidence orchestration capabilities that optimize for the best EHR retrieval paths, the company’s platform turns this aggregated healthcare information into intelligence that accelerates underwriting and improves placement rates. Its solutions help to improve customer experiences, as well as increase profit margins for its clients.

To learn more about integrating with the Human API, visit their website. To begin, you need to create an account and implement Connect on your app. Once you’ve done that, you can start requesting data from the Human API with an access token from your backend. To learn more about all the endpoints you can use, visit their API Reference page.

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