An Irish Whiskey Review

May 26, 2023
David Sunnyside

Whether you're looking for a new go-to cocktail recipe or a bottle to add to your whiskey bar, we've got you covered. Our staff has scoured far and wide in search of the best Irish whiskey. From high-end splurges to affordable everyday options, our selection includes everything from peated spirits to blended blends.

Irish whiskey is a spirit distilled in Ireland (including the independent Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, which is part of the UK). The style typically contains at least 5% malted barley and must be distilled three times. While the most famous example of an Irish whiskey is Jameson, which is available at nearly every liquor store in America, there are many brands with their own unique twists on this classic spirit.

For example, the Tyrconnell brand is focused on exploring how different types of barrels affect the final flavor profile. The Cooley Distillery (also known for its Kilbeggan, Greenore, and Connemara brands) produces separate 10-year-old bottlings finished in sherry, port, and madeira casks, each of which offers a unique perspective on the whiskey’s potential. Our favorite is the madeira-finished expression, which delivers fruity notes and caramel sweetness balanced with the maltiness of the original grain.

Another great option is Teeling Small Batch, a flagship whiskey from the comparatively new Teeling Whiskey distillery. Founded in Dublin in 2015, the distillery is owned by Jack and Stephen Teeling, members of a family that’s been making whiskey since the 1700s. The company’s first product is a mix of whiskeys aged for up to six years in bourbon barrels and then finished for a year in sherry casks.

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