Anese Booty Scrub Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

anese booty scrub review

When it comes to skincare, we've long been told to slather on the serums and moisturizers to our faces and necks, while neglecting other trouble zones such as our hands, elbows, and feet. Anese is out to change that by tackling the taboo topic of our booties and thighs with a line of effective, dermatologist-tested products that actually work.

The bestselling anese booty scrub is a smooch-worthy walnut shell exfoliant that buffs away flaky skin, while targeting cellulite, stretch marks, and body acne with the power of Vitamin E. It also contains sweet almond oil to hydrate and soften your bum, leaving you with a smoother, perkier rump, ready for your next trip to the beach or a fun flirty dress.

With a cheeky, no-BS approach to beauty, Anese has been featured in Nylon, Galore, and Hypebae for their snarky product names and high-powered ingredients. And it's no wonder their boob-boosting scrubs, wrinkle-reducing toners, and eyebrow-raising towels have so many fans—they work!

Anese's skincare is cruelty free and ethically-sourced, but it's the brand's witty, unapologetic tone that really sets it apart. With jars that contain a generous 24 fl. oz. of product, it's no surprise that one Reddit user has noted a bit of a price hike for the brand, though the majority of Anese reviews have praised its efficacy and value.

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