Angry Birds Go Telepods - How to Use

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

Product Details

Angry Birds Go Telepods are the latest line of Hasbro toys that bring some of Rovio’s popular mobile game into the real world. These kart-racing toys teleport physical Angry Birds characters into the app and offer kids ages 5 and up the chance to race their own character-attached plastic karts on a course.

To use a Telepod, kids first lay the base of the toy on a flat surface and then launch Angry Birds Go! and wait for the main menu to load. Then they can place their kart on the clear base, secure it so that the divit on its bottom is on top of the nub and then scan it into the app. Once the kart has been scanned, a screen will appear on the app that allows kids to choose which of their own karts they want to race.

There are a few different types of Telepods available, including the Pig Rock Raceway set ($30 SRP), which features two karts and two launchers on a course with dynamite and pig obstacles and lets players race to knock the pirate pig off his treasure chest. There’s also a multi-pack that includes five additional karts and two targets for $20 and another that comes with two karts, a dual launcher and a pig target for $15.

The Angry Birds Go Telepods line is great fun and a good way to bridge the gap between physical play and digital gaming, but we’d recommend skipping the expensive set and instead opting for something more affordable like Hot Wheels. That will give kids just as much excitement, while still being more cost-effective for parents.

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