Animation WordPress Plugin: Master Slider

March 18, 2022
Tech Exclusive

Plugin Description

Animation WordPress Plugin is a great way to allow you to upload and add animation to your WordPress site. If you’re searching animation plugins I’m sure you are finding that there are tons to chose from. I’ll make it easier for you, and tell you about my personal favorite one, Master Slider. The Master Slider plugin has 343 5-star reviews! That’s truly incredible. Check out the official Animation WordPress Plugin below.

The Master Slider plugin was updated only a month ago. Not only is it free, but it is also SEO friendly, which a super beneficial. It features a responsive image and video slider that is compatible with all major devices. Another great feature is that it has smooth hardware accelerated transitions. It also supports touch navigation. This plugin comes with eight starter samples that make it very easy to create slideshows quickly and easily. You can even manage your slideshows with the option of autoplay timings. 

averta created this plugin for its WordPress users who are looking to add animation and videos to their WordPress site. A great thing that I love about this plugin is that it works with any WordPress theme. It also offers 24-hour tech support with the help of tech experts. With the tech support and the user-friendly admin panel, this plugin makes it so that anyone can use it. You are able to completely customize your site with this plugin as well. From customizable arrows, thumbnails and tabs, as well as user roles and capabilities and so much more. 

I think that if you are looking to incorporate video animation into your site, you would really love having this plugin. Check out the link below to see for yourself! 

Specifications: Animation WordPress Plugin

Photos: Animation WordPress Plugin

Animation WordPress Plugin

Extra Information

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