AOC I2279VWHE Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

aoc i2279vwhe review

The aoc i2279vwhe is an excellent choice for casual gamers as it has all the gaming features you need in a monitor. This model has an AH-IPS panel with wide viewing angles and a vivid picture. Flicker free technology helps reduce eye strain and Clear Vision upscales standard definition video sources for sharper, more detailed images. It also supports Adaptive-Sync, which provides tear-free gameplay on compatible graphics cards from either AMD (FreeSync) or NVIDIA (G-SYNC).

The display has a decent color gamut and brightness and the contrast peaked at 2440:1 at 50% brightness. However, it’s not good enough for HDR performance. Input lag is low and there’s even a black frame insertion feature to reduce motion blur.

This 144Hz monitor has three overdrive modes that help with motion clarity. However, it doesn’t have a backlight strobing mode, which some competitive gamers prefer. The OSD menu is easy to navigate via a joystick on the right rear flank. Pressing 'up' changes the input source, 'down' places a cheat crosshair on the screen and 'right' swaps between different picture modes. There’s also access to the standard image adjustment tools, three gamma presets and four low blue light modes.

Compared to competitors, the AOC G2790VX isn't the best choice for serious content creators. Its dE average of 1.08 is too high for most editing work and it can’t be calibrated to get the most out of its capabilities. It does support a wide range of image quality settings though and it’s a great choice for casual gaming.

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