AP World History Unit 2 Review

March 18, 2023
David Sunnyside

ap world history unit 2 review

AP world history unit 2 review

If you are looking for an organized run through of the ap world history curriculum, this guide is the one for you! It will help you organize your study time, as well as prepare you for the ap world history exam!

AP World History is an advanced level course that covers the history of the world from 1200 CE to the present. It is a two semester course, compared to the traditional CP and Honors courses that are one semester in length.

In AP world history, students will study the major historical events and trends that shaped the world during this time period. This includes political, economic, cultural, and social developments.

You will analyze texts and other primary and secondary sources to understand historical arguments. You will also be expected to write essays expressing your historical arguments.

The AP World History exam is comprised of a multiple-choice section and a DBQ (long essay) section. The DBQ section is one of the most challenging parts of the exam and requires you to examine several primary source documents.

Generally, there will be 2-4 questions that have a stimulus attached to them and they will require you to respond using a map, picture, or some other type of stimuli.

When studying for the ap world history exam, remember that the College Board does not expect you to have a photographic memory of specific details about each event or person. They are more interested in your ability to connect the details of a particular event with a larger picture and how it affects the overall course of history.

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