Apex CF 16 Irons Review

March 18, 2023
David Sunnyside

apex cf16 irons review

The Apex CF 16 irons are a premium forged players iron that combines distance, forgiveness and playability. They are designed for players of all levels looking to improve their game.

The CF 16 Irons are the latest model from Callaway’s Apex line of irons, and offer a perfect mix of distance, forgiveness, workability and looks. The longer irons (3-7) feature the company’s industry-leading “Cup 360” technology to boost ball speed across the face, while the short irons (8-PW) feature a new engineered face plate for enhanced feel and distance control.

They are built with quadruple net forging of 1025 mild carbon steel, which gives them an extremely soft feel. They also use a progressive offset and sole width, with more offset in the long irons for increased forgiveness and less offset in the shorter irons to create more control at address.

This progressive design is what makes the Apex CF 16 irons so great. It allows the clubface to move more at impact and increase ball speeds, which results in consistent distances throughout the set for golfers of all abilities.

What’s more, the Cup 360 technology used in these irons can help players get more distance from their shots by boosting ball speeds and increasing the coefficient of restitution (COR) of the face. This allows the Apex CF 16 irons to produce more consistent, higher ball speeds than any other forged iron on the market.

The Apex CF 16 irons are the perfect combination of distance, forgiveness and playability, and they will make anyone who picks them up happy. They are a great option for players of all levels, from single-digit handicappers to high scratch players, and they offer everything you need to improve your game.

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