Apple's Watch OS 2 Has Been Delayed Due To A Bug

May 16, 2023
Justin Lumiere

watch os2 delayed

Apple was scheduled to release their watchOS 2 software update for their smartwatch this Wednesday; however, due to a glitch the release has been postponed. This new version promised numerous desirable features like answering email notifications without being connected to an iPhone and customizing watch faces from personal photographs. Developer tools would also provide access to internal hardware of the watch rather than depending on tethering to an iPhone for running apps natively on it.

Last week's Apple event brought news of an update that promises to make an immediate difference on Apple Watch performance and usage. Developers will have access to more sensors on the watch and can stream data more efficiently between it and a paired phone, helping improve battery life and performance while creating photo watch faces as well as traveling back in time when checking calendar appointments. Other key features include scrolling through weather and appointment notifications using digital crown scrolling functionality, creating photo watch faces using photo uploads as well as traveling backwards/forwards when checking calendar notifications - plus access via digital crown scrolling timeline scrolling of weather and appointment notifications using digital crown scrolling; scrolling back/forwards when checking calendar events to create photo watch faces which create photo watch faces allowing user travel back/forth/forth when checking calendar notifications are important additions that adds significant improvements for battery life/performance of wearable.

Apple recently reported that watchOS 2 development has been postponed due to an unexpected bug that emerged during testing, though no details were provided as to its nature or impact on iOS 9. Apple stated however, that this delay will not delay or disrupt the iPhone or iPad launch of iOS 9.

CNET reports that owners of smartwatches were eagerly awaiting watchOS 2 software's release until a bug delayed it - making their disappointment all the more acute.

Apple software launches have previously had to be delayed due to bugs; last year, iOS 8 mobile software caused problems that affected Wi-Fi connectivity and Touch ID authentication; it took Apple over a week before issuing an update that resolved these issues.

WatchOS 2 has been delayed, which bodes poorly for Apple's plans of making the smartwatch an independent device in its own right. Some consumers have already started considering competing devices like Samsung's Gear S2, which may last two days on one charge without an iPhone connection.

Apple hopes that they can address the bug soon and distribute an update to owners of their smartwatch, otherwise there may be many unhappy customers in the months to come. At present, the Apple Watch remains an extremely useful gadget that shows notifications instantly as they arrive and reminds you when exercise sessions are due; but many fans were expecting watchOS 2 to bring about revolutionary technological changes similar to iPhones; perhaps more features and independent apps will make future upgrades more impressive than ever.

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