Aquafresh Whitening Trays Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

aquafresh whitening trays review

Get a visibly whiter smile in just three days with this over-the-counter tray whitening system. The soft, thin and flexible trays hug the contours of upper and lower teeth for secure contact and complete coverage, while the pre-dosed 10 percent hydrogen peroxide solution gets below the surface to whiten stubborn stains that normal brushing can’t.

Each whitening kit includes 14 trays, seven specifically designed to fit the upper teeth and the rest for lower teeth. They’re easy to use – just insert the trays and wear them 45 minutes once a day for seven days to achieve visibly whiter teeth. The trays are thin, flexible and comfortable enough to wear while running errands or sitting at the office desk.

While there is some debate about which bleaching tray design provides the best results, the overall consensus appears to be that certain tray designs may have particular clinical benefits. For example, a scalloped design could reduce the amount of bleach that has mucosal contact (Zase, 2009) and a dosing dot might help prevent overdosing and gingival irritation.

However, the limited clinical research available on bleaching tray design indicates that many of these specific design features have not been proven to provide significant benefits beyond the simple function of preventing spillage and overloading of the whitening gel. Consequently, most operators do not routinely incorporate these features into their whitening procedures. This is a pity because these are relatively inexpensive additions to the typical whitening procedure and could have a significant impact on patient compliance, sensitivity and success with home tooth bleaching.

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