Arlo Vs Eufy - Which Home Security Brand is Right For You?

May 17, 2023
Justin Lumiere

arlo vs eufy

Arlo and eufy offer high-quality video surveillance systems with intelligent features and reliable monitoring, but which brand best meets your home security needs? Let's compare them side-by-side and see where each differs.

Both brands provide a comprehensive selection of home security cameras and doorbells, along with other smart home devices like wireless chargers, portable speakers, baby monitors and robot vacuum cleaners. Arlo offers wired and wireless security cameras as well as indoor/outdoor security lighting systems and smart locks - giving it an edge in terms of choice among these products.

Apart from its smart features, Arlo app also supports third-party services and voice assistant integration. IFTTT routines enable you to control your device with voice command alone; you can connect camera footage directly with Ring or Hue lights; it even features "Tap to Dispatch," an advanced feature which sends live footage directly to a live operator who can contact emergency responders on your behalf!

Eufy's camera lineup specializes in offering affordable entry-level models that are easy to use. Their models span both indoor and outdoor cameras that include motion sensors, night vision, two-way audio capability and built-in local storage for recorded videos - perfect as baby monitors or pet cams!

Arlo cameras may cost more than their Eufy counterparts, but they provide more features. They include HD video resolution, two-way audio communication and motion detection that can trigger alerts if they detect movement. Many also include rechargeable batteries with up to six month life span; additionally some models include solar panels for efficient power usage.

Both brands provide outstanding customer support with helpful online resources to answer all of your questions about how-to and installation guides, articles, downloadable manuals, FAQs and a live chat function - plus there is always an available customer service rep via phone or email if any additional help is required! Both companies also provide one year warranties for their products.

Eufy has often been mischaracterized as a cheap knockoff of Arlo; however, both brands boast their own individual features that set them apart. The Eufycam E and Arlo Cam E both record 1080p HD video at 1080p resolution but compress and resize before uploading them to either cloud storage or your computer; this reduces file sizes without impacting quality of video footage.

Eufy, an American consumer electronics company specializing in smart home solutions, provides an impressive variety of security cameras suited for pets and dogs that provide feeding and monitoring functions. Wi-Fi/LTE enabled and boasting long battery lives with local storage options available as standard features compared to Arlo which requires subscription plans - both brands offer great value at their respective price points.

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