Arm and Hammer Whitening Toothpaste Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

This whitening toothpaste capitalizes on an ingredient you’ll find in your kitchen: baking soda. It works with the chemical whitening agent carbonate peroxide to remove stains on teeth, while also preventing new ones from forming. It also comes with sodium fluoride, which helps prevent cavities. The toothpaste has a unique foaming experience, with "results you can feel working" and a flavor that’s mild but refreshing.

This advanced whitening toothpaste uses high-quality, clinically proven ingredients that are safe for your smile and enamel. It removes stains, whitens teeth, and freshens breath. It also has a low abrasion formula that cleans between teeth for a full-mouth clean. The whitening toothpaste is free of artificial sweeteners, SLS, and preservatives, and it also has added calcium and anticavity protection to help strengthen teeth and prevent decay.

The toothpaste also contains a blend of natural extracts, such as peppermint and spearmint, to give you a minty fresh clean. It also contains hydrated silica, which is a mild polishing agent that doesn’t damage enamel. It also has potassium nitrate and other desensitizing ingredients to protect against tooth sensitivity.

The whitening toothpaste is gentle on enamel, which makes it a great option for anyone who has sensitive teeth. It also has a lower abrasion level than most other whitening toothpastes, and it is free of bleach, triclosan, and sodium lauryl sulfate. It is also free of artificial dyes, flavors, and preservatives. The whitening toothpaste also provides additional calcium and anticavity protection to help keep your smile strong.

David Sunnyside
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