Article on and Who Are You the Young Wolf Said

August 20, 2023
David Sunnyside

Article on and who are you the young wolf said

A well-mannered wolf sets out on his first solo hunting trip. He catches a rabbit and a chicken, both of whom take advantage of his good manners to escape their fate. He then captures a boy and asks him for his last wish. The boy demands music, and the wolf, wary of what may happen, finds a guitar and promises to give him a song. But when he returns the boy is gone.

The wolf was very thirsty and wanted to get a drink. He sounded so sad and desperate that the kids were afraid to open the door and see him. They jumped into various places, one under the table, another into bed, the third in the stove, the fourth into the kitchen, the fifth into the cupboard, and the sixth under the washbasin. The wolf found them all, and with little trouble swallowed each of them. He did not find the youngest, who was hiding under the clock case.

This is a charming story that teaches children the importance of good manners and trustworthiness. It also demonstrates that those who lie and manipulate others will not be rewarded. The ending is a bit macabre and not the typical “happy” ending, but it certainly illustrates that karma doesn’t favor those who are dishonest. The illustrations are colorful and comical, making this a book that kids will enjoy. A perfect story to read in kindergarten and up.

David Sunnyside
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