Asus RT-AX56U Review

May 27, 2023
David Sunnyside

The rt ax56u review is a great router for anyone looking to get a taste of 802.11ax WiFi performance without breaking the bank. It’s the entry-level model in the Asus WiFi 6 family and has some great features for the money. It can easily handle a home or small office and will work well with most wireless devices. It offers great range, is easy to set up and has an excellent app that makes controlling your network settings a breeze.

Asus’ designers have done a great job of packing Wi-Fi 6 performance and plenty of other features into this compact little box. It looks great with four black antennae poking out of the back and will fit nicely on any convenient shelf. Asus didn’t skimp on the ports either as this model comes with the standard Gigabit WAN port that you need to connect to your cable or DSL modem and four LAN ports so you can plug in wired devices.

There is also a USB port for storing files on external drives and another USB 3.0 port that is perfect for connecting a printer. The RT-AX56U is compatible with the ASUS AiMesh system for seamless whole-home coverage and offers lifetime internet security through AiProtection, powered by Trend Micro.

This router also features a guest network which is great for sharing the internet with guests, relatives or friends while keeping them isolated from your primary network and enhancing security and privacy. It has built-in support for OpenVPN, a certificate-based authentication system that is more robust than traditional username/password credentials. The RT-AX56U also has the Ai Cloud feature that creates a personal cloud to store files and make them available on any device connected to the internet. This is a great feature to have in the home or at the office and will save you the expense of paying for expensive cloud storage services.

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