Audeze LCD 2 Closed Back Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

audeze lcd 2 closed back review

The Audeze lcd 2 closed back review is one of the most premium high-performance headphones on the market. It uses planar magnetic drivers that provide a speaker-like musical presentation which is rich, detailed, powerful, smooth and most importantly fun to listen to. It is a closed-back headphone and needs to be powered with a good amplifier that can produce enough current to drive the speakers.

It has a classic Audeze circumaural form factor with a very large cup and thick luscious angular protein leather pads. The ear cups are held in place by wide gimbal composite arches that swivel and tilt around your ears and secured to the headband with screws and blocks. The headband is also a little wider than most and feels like a big hug on the head and should fit most people well with the pressure of the ear pads against your lobes.

They do not use the Fazor airflow technology found in their other models but they still have a similar design to their flagship LCD-4 with their ultra-thin uniforce diaphragms and neodymium fazor magnets in a dual-sided staggered array. The specified output at 70O impedance is a bit lower than their previous Fazor equipped models but they are still quite powerful for a closed headphone.

They sound very much like their open-back predecessors the LCD-2 Classic but with a slightly bass-centric tuning that may not appeal to everyone. They are not the best headphone for listening to classical music but they do provide a good sense of space and instrument separation and have a nice sense of weight within recordings that makes them great for dance music. They are a very clear headphone with an exceptional spec of frequency response that goes up to a very high 130 kHz and a low total harmonic distortion spec of 0.1% at 100 dB SPL.

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