Australian Trader Review ( – AustralianTrader Beating Its Competitors with Advanced Trading Features

April 22, 2023
Natalie Thorburn

Every broker on the internet wants to beat the competition by offering something unique. However, it’s quite a task to offer something different when you have hundreds of other brokers competing with you. I have seen in my experience of reviewing online platforms for many years that some just stand out. They know the recipe to be different and I think it’s because they care about traders. I have found a broker of that caliber and decided to write this Australian Trader review.

So, I have noticed that this broker is gaining more attention from traders than those that claim to be the best. What’s the reason for that? I’m sure you will know that and some more when you read my AustralianTrader review.

Innovative Security Protocols

The broker hasn’t created just a façade to impress traders with it. In fact, if you look closely, it has created a trading system in which everything has been given attention and its matters to traders. The security protocols followed by this broker are among the most advanced. It has protected its website through SSL certificates while the data encryption of the traders’ information is always taking place. Furthermore, the broker offers you 2FA authentication so you can sign into your trading account without anyone stealing it from you.

Segregated accounts have been chosen to keep the funds of the traders safe at all times. I think trading platform is doing a great job in the realm of security—much better than self-claiming best platforms on the internet today.

Funds Security and Accessibility

The funds you deposit in your account are also safe. Australian Trader trading platform has protected your funds in an innovative manner too. As I said earlier, your funds will go into segregated accounts. Now, just as important to know is the fact that the broker has chosen only a reliable bank for trader funds. You will also be surprised to know that when traders deposit funds on trading platform, they don’t have to pay any commissions. It was hard for me to find a platform that did not charge traders a commission on their deposits.

Last but not least, the funds you deposit are available into your account for use almost immediately, especially if you use the credit card method. If you want to withdraw funds from the account, you can send a request and get your funds as soon as possible.

Advanced Assets and Markets

You might wonder if assets can be advanced and I would say yes. When people talk about trading, they are usually referring to conventional assets like stocks and forex currency pairs. Now, if you notice, this broker has indices in its asset index as well. Indices are just stocks in buckets. So, when you join AustralianTrader broker, you will have access to these markets. In the commodities category, you get more than you might imagine. You have a list of precious metals to trade along with many agri-assets, such as wheat, corn, and coffee beans.

Now, where is the advanced parts you may ask? Well, crypto trading is the advanced part that most traders want today. Yes, this platform is viable for cryptocurrency trading and you can find some pioneering along with many emerging crypto coins for trading on it.

Advanced Training and Educational Materials

What does it mean by advanced training and educational material? Australian Trader broker can explain to you that really well, but not through words, but actions. The broker offers you education in such a way that you can learn the way you like, at a time you like, and at a speed you prefer. The eBooks and videos are available to you at all times when you open a paid trading account with this broker. From that account, you can access these training materials whenever you wish to.

You can learn through one-on-one training sessions, but they are only available in a limited number with any account you pick. Webinars are also an option for those who like to learn in a classroom-like environment.

Is Scam or Legit?

You can have all sorts of questions on your mind before you pick an online platform. The best answer to those questions is the type of services you get from the broker. I think that rule applies greatly in the case of broker. It provides you trading services at such a level that you can’t doubt it at all. I find it to be highly reliable and trustworthy platform.

Final Thoughts

It takes quite a lot of effort to beat competitors in the world of online trading because there are hundreds of thousands of brokers available today. However, the features of this broker make it stand out and have also convinced me to write this AustralianTrader review. Now, after reading all of this, what are your thoughts on this broker?


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