Bad Dragon Mary Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

bad dragon mary review

The Bad Dragon line is for fantasy fans who want to fuck like their favorite animals (or dragons). Their anthro dildos offer unusual textures and visual designs that are sure to please the senses. These toys are not just visually stimulating; every bump, ridge and vein is sculpted to be a sexy slap to the clit and prostate.

Unlike many Bad Dragon toys that are more outlandish, Mary is an anthro mare with a more organic texture in her silicone sleeve. She's a snug fit that feels great during long plays and has an excellent balance of tightness versus looseness for awesome build-up journeys. It's a little heavier than some other BD toys and may not be suitable for hand use over long periods of time, but it's still an exceptional masturbator with a nice grip that works well with or without extra suction.

As with all BD products, it's recommended to use a good amount of lube to get the best experience out of this piece. This will make slipping it in and out a breeze. Try rocking it back and forth, angling it in different ways and using a variety of rhythms to stimulate all the curves and ridges. You can also experiment with varying the angle and pressure to hit all those pleasure spots in the clit and prostate. Bad Dragon dildos are also compatible with cum tubes, which can be filled with faux-cum or lube and squeezed to simulate ejaculation. They also come in a range of colors, including pearlescent, metallic and faded options.

David Sunnyside
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