Bad Kids Are Not Always the Parents' Fault

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

TALK OF THE NATION: 'Bad Kids' Are Not Always the Parents' Fault

Every parent wants their child to be happy, healthy and well-adjusted. But it is possible that the best intentions can backfire and create a child with serious problems. When parents are mean to their children, yell at them or fail to set clear rules and follow through, they not only teach their child bad behavior, they may also make their adult life miserable.

The old saying that "bad kids have bad parents" is a widely held belief. However, as research on child development and psychology progresses, this concept is being re-evaluated.

For example, it's been found that certain genes underlie a child's personality. Some children are naturally prone to misbehaving, no matter how much they're nurtured. This theory, known as nature versus nurture, has been widely accepted for years, but it's now being challenged.

Other experts believe that a child's environment plays a far more significant role in their development. They say that if a child is being raised by good, caring parents, there's a strong chance that their problems will be resolved. If not, their chances of becoming a well-adjusted, happy adult are slim. The truth lies somewhere in between. You can have shitty parents and still raise a decent child, but you can also do everything right and end up with a monster.

David Sunnyside
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