Ball in the Family Where to Watch

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

Ball in the Family follows LaVar Ball, his wife Tina, and their three sons — all of whom were born to play pro basketball. The show has generated a lot of buzz for its honest portrayal of the Balls and the challenges they face, including LaVar’s overbearing parenting style.

The Ball family takes their vacation to Hawaii but the good times are cut short after a jet-ski accident cost Lavar big money and a questionable Instagram post rattles Denise. Back at home, Gelo reunites with his agent as he prepares for the NBA draft and Lonzo is distracted by trade rumors. After a heart-to-heart talk, Gelo and Tina decide to make the best of their time together with the boys in the US while they wait for baby Zoey’s arrival.

The Ball brothers continue to face pressure on and off the court as they compete in the JBA League. Meanwhile, Denise and Lonzo work to mend their strained relationship while preparing for the arrival of their daughter. In the end, it’s the family’s love and support for one another that keeps them going strong.

David Sunnyside
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