BasX MC1 Review - Emotiva's Newest AV Processor

March 18, 2023
David Sunnyside

emotiva basx mc1 review

BasX MC1 Review - Emotiva's Newest AV Processor

A BasX MC1 review

emotiva basx mc1 is a AV processor that is designed for the serious HT enthusiast. It offers exceptional AV performance and features at a very competitive price from the US manufacturer Emotiva.

The MC1 is a 13.2 channel AV processor that can handle UHD video and surround sound formats including HDR and Dolby Vision, enhanced ARC (eARC) and the latest Dolby Atmos and DTS:X immersive surround sound formats. It has six HDMI 2.0b video inputs and two HDMI outputs, with one of those inputs supporting eARC.

It supports a wide range of analogue and digital audio inputs, and also has an integrated Bluetooth receiver with aptX for streaming music from your mobile device. Its precision high-speed video switches route video directly from the selected input to the output without any extraneous processing for the best possible picture quality from your HD and 4k UHD video sources.

Controlling the MC1 is easy and straightforward with its full function illuminated infrared remote controller providing direct one-button selection of audio and video sources, access to the MC1 Menu System and for added convenience, real time channel trimming on the fly. The MC1 is also compatible with most programmable universal remote controls and whole home automation systems via either infrared commands or wired commands received by its RS-232 interface.

As with all the BasX series, the MC1 is built to a higher standard than many components in its price range, with the advanced switch mode power supply kept well away from the signal processing board. Similarly the hi-grade PCBs are located at the rear of the unit, ensuring a very short signal path and reducing noise and interference.

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