Bear G2 Cruzer Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

bear g2 cruzer review

Bear g2 cruzer review

It's tough to build a bow that pleases every shooter. But this affordable compound bow from Bear Archery comes close. It's a great choice for kids, and can grow with them as they gain confidence and skill. It's also a solid hunting bow when set up at lower poundages and equipped with noise and vibration suppressors.

Unlike some other compound bows, the Cruzer can be adjusted to a wide range of draw weights without the need for a bow press or special equipment. A simple adjustment of the limb bolts on the riser is enough to change the poundage by up to two full turns. One clockwise turn increases the poundage and one counter-clockwise decreases it. It's important to make sure that both limb bolts are turned at the same time and no more than two full turns apart. Otherwise, the limbs may start to untwist and the bow will become inaccurate.

At full draw, the Cruzer generates 310 FPS of kinetic energy, according to Easton's Field Chart, and should be sufficient to shoot small game and medium-sized game. However, if you want to hunt large game such as deer, you'll need to increase the arrow speed further by adding a bow stabilizer or a mechanical release aid.

Bear Archery includes everything you need to get started with the Cruzer RTH, except a release aid and arrows. You'll also need a bow sling for attaching the bow to your wrist. This will prevent the string from falling down after each shot and ensure that you are shooting with a relaxed grip, which will help to reduce torque on the bow that can cause missed shots.

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