Bed Bug Guardian Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

bed bug guardian review

Bed bugs are tiny parasites that feed on warm-blooded animals. They can be found in homes, hotels and offices, waiting for a warm host to come along. These pests can cause a variety of symptoms, including red itchy bumps, skin irritation and excessive shedding. You can also smell them, which is a sure sign of a severe infestation.

This product uses carbon dioxide to attract and trap bed bugs, which are then trapped in a sticky glue. The device can be used in conjunction with other methods to treat an infestation, such as vacuuming and laundering infested items. It can also help to prevent an infestation from occurring, by regularly inspecting and cleaning your home or hotel room, and taking precautions when traveling.

There are many products on the market designed to repel or kill bed bugs, but they must be carefully selected to ensure that they are safe around children and pets. Look for products that use natural or less toxic ingredients, and always follow the instructions for application. You should also avoid exposing your family to products that require keeping children and pets out of the area for a certain period of time after treatment.

A professional bed bug exterminator is a great choice for treating an infestation, but not all exterminators are created equal. A good place to start is by calling a few companies in your area and asking basic questions about their services and how they deal with bed bug infestations. You should also note whether or not they charge start-up fees and set their customers up on contracts.

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