Bella Beauty Curling Wand Review

May 27, 2023
David Sunnyside

When it comes to picking out the best curling wand for your hair type, there's plenty of factors that go into consideration. Some, like barrel material or heat settings, play a huge role in how your hair looks and holds its shape. Others, such as a digital display or swivel cord connection, help to make styling your hair smoother and more enjoyable.

The most important thing is to find a wand that is compatible with your hair's needs, says Russell. "If you have fine or fragile hair, consider a ceramic or tourmaline barrel to avoid overheating and breakage." Thicker hair types should opt for a titanium-plated barrel, which reaches higher temperatures but still helps to preserve your strands.

A wand's size is also an essential factor when it comes to creating your perfect look, as different sizes offer different styles. "A bigger barrel can create a lot of volume, while a smaller one is better for tighter, more structured waves," says Russell. "If you have long hair, consider a longer barrel to make sure you can reach all of your strands."

Other important features of a curling wand include a cool tip for easy removal after use and a beveled edge or safety stand to keep the hot wand lifted off your countertop between each section. Some also feature a digital display, automatic shut off and heat protective gloves. A swivel cord also allows your wand to move with ease as you work, preventing tangled and twisted strands.

David Sunnyside
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