Ben Hogan VKTR Hybrid Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

ben hogan vktr hybrid review

If you've ever been frustrated with a hard to hit long iron or just wanted an easier club to get up and down from the rough or fairway bunkers the ben hogan vktr hybrid is the answer. Hogan developed this club to fill a void for golfers who see their long irons as "taboo" and need an alternative.

This club is forged from two pieces of steel and has minimal offset. The club face has a thin iron look with 2 tones of black creating an appealing frame around the ball for easy lining up. There is also a high toe position that adds more forgiveness. The head size increases as the loft gets higher (from 96 cc to 110 cc) which moves the center of gravity slightly forward.

Another feature is the 360° V-sole design that improves turf interaction from any lie. Also, there is a higher bounce leading and trailing edge to help with shots from uneven lies or in the rough. Hogan claims that this combination of features helps with workability and distance control on all approach shots.

Lastly, the VKTR hybrids have interchangeable sole weighting which allows you to fine tune your ball flight. Hogan calls this feature Advanced Perimeter Shot Shape Technology and it allows you to move 24 grams of movable weights around the extreme perimeter of the head to create a draw, fade or neutral bias. This is similar to the Adams Red hybrid and is very useful for those who tend to hook hybrids in the next county.

David Sunnyside
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