Benefits of Choosing PoE Speakers and How to Buy Great Ones

September 28, 2023
Natalie Thorburn


Taking your time to understand Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology, you’ll realize just how useful it could be for the speaker system you want to get for your business or any other type of organization. Allowing both signal and power to be transmitted through a single Ethernet cable, thus eliminating the need for further power supplies and electrical receptacles installations, products using the PoE technology have become quite popular recently. Read more on the technology itself.

PoE speakers have, therefore, sort of taken the market by storm recently, as more and more organizations are opting for them. If you’ve done any type of research already, you’ve most probably realized that the convenience that comes with these products is definitely something to look forward to. A single Ethernet cable connection allows for the device to receive both electrical power and signal and eliminates the need for separate power and network connection – it doesn’t get more convenient than that, does it?

Yet, even though you’ve automatically understood the convenience that these products offer, you still didn’t want to jump towards making a purchase. You get that making hasty purchases is not the best idea when any kind of products are in question, let alone your speaker system, which is why you first want to figure a few things out before going shopping. In short, you want to know how you can benefit from these products, and then you also want to know how to buy the perfect solutions for you.

Benefits of Going for PoE Speakers

Both rather significant questions are posed above. Getting the answers to those will undeniably make your shopping decisions and processes much easier, which is the whole point. And, the good news is, you’ll get the answers through this article. Starting, naturally, with the question of how you can benefit from these products, we’ll now list some of those benefits below, hoping to make things clearer.

Here’s some general info on how to choose speakers:

  • Network Stability

The very first benefit we have to mention is the network stability you’ll get if you opt for PoE speakers. Connecting through the Ethernet, as you may already understand, eliminates those annoying dropouts and ensures the perfect streaming stability, which can be highly important, especially in commercial settings. With such a stable network, high-quality and undistorted music and audio will be guaranteed in any type of setting.

  • Simplicity

Audio system setting up doesn’t have to be so complicated. You may be used to those complicated processes that have long been the go-to option, but things are changing. With the PoE speakers, you’ll say goodbye to those complicated cable connections and say hello to an easy setup process. This simplicity is certainly on the list of reasons why people are increasingly going for this solution.

  • Flexibility

Flexibility is, naturally, another important reason. With this solution, you can place multiple speakers pretty much anywhere in your commercial setting, without needing to worry about tethering them to a power outlet. With a music streamer integrated with every PoE speaker, you’ll get to enjoy the perfect grouping and zone flexibility. So, not only are these easy to install but there’s also the flexibility in the installation process that will allow for more coverage without too many cables all over the place.

  • Cost-Efficiency

One thing that people often worry about when choosing their speaker systems is the price. Completely normal to have a budget in mind and be concerned with sticking to it, but here’s what you should know. Those PoE (Power over Ethernet) speakers aren’t as expensive as you’re picturing them to be. In fact, they are rather cost-efficient, as they will save you money on all those extraneous costs you’d have if you decided to go for speakers powered a different way and if you had to worry about all of those cables.

As it turns out, thus, these specific products can actually save you money, especially when we’re talking of multi-channel surround systems. So, if you’ve been worried that these will cost a fortune, which is a legitimate concern because we always expect to pay much more for quality, you can relax. Considering all the benefits that come with PoE speakers, you’ll realize right away that these are highly cost-efficient and that investing in them is quite worth it.

How to Buy Great Ones

The above talk about the cost-efficiency and about the benefits in general, goes only if you buy great PoE speakers for your organization. Meaning, in order to get the benefits, you’ll need to carefully go through the buying process, aiming at figuring out precisely which products are right for you. The only thing is, though, you may not know how to exactly go through this buying process, so you will need help with that as well. So, let’s help you out.

The most significant thing to always keep in mind here is that the quality of the products will depend on the stores you’re buying them from. That should be a no-brainer. Therefore, if you really want to get the most out of these speakers, that is, revel in their ease of installation (check out how easy that can be) and the quality of sound, you’ll want to find the perfect places to buy these products from.

The great thing is that you can find those online, which automatically gives you the opportunity to compare different suppliers. Aiming at checking their reliability and reputation, you’ll also come across certain reviews that can give you more info on the quality of the speakers they’re selling. Those reviews can be of great help when word goes of making the best buying choice.

Once you’re sure you’ve found the perfect online store to shop from, you’ll have to consider the actual speakers in more detail. Checking their features will help you determine which ones are right for your space and, thus, ultimately buy great ones. If you’re not sure what could be right for your space, consulting with these professionals and letting them give you recommendations is always a smart idea – one that will lead to getting the perfect PoE speakers.


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