Benefits of Guest Posting: WordPress Blogs

October 23, 2021
Justin Lumiere

So you either have your own small business or you are a part of a larger marketing company. If you are looking at how to best use guest blogging to your advantage then you are in the right spot! The benefits of guest posting on relevant WordPress blogs is crucial.

How to Utilize the Benefits of Guest Posting

The benefits of guest posting on WordPress blogs is actually much greater than you might imagine. The impact of google searches goes beyond what you might imagine. You might be thinking, why not use social media to promote my brand or product? Well the answer is simple, because social media is temporary while blogging is permanent. Social media has not replaced organic google searches for products. We do not typically look for a roofing contractor or a technology company through social media. We still use plain old Google (or Yahoo, Bing or Yandex) for many things.


Let me begin with saying that there are two main ways to "guest blog". One way is to write content yourself (or get content written from using platforms like Fiverr). You then pitch the content topic by emailing a website owner or editor. We accept guest posting on a wide range of topics from cooking, technology, and home improvement.

The second way would be to find an existing article on a relevant website and pay to add a link to your website page. Additionally, this is the easier method to get a quality backlink. Sometimes editors do not have the capability to edit content so this is not always an option.

How to Contact Blogs

Finding blogs to post your content is simple. Using google or Ahrefs you can find related blogs that suite your topic. Topics in guest blogging can literally be anything from lifestyle to technology to even construction.

We got started guest posting with Urban Splatter which is a wonderful website with information on architecture and home improvement in general.

On the other hand, you can learn more about our available exclusive list of blogs that accept guest posts by emailing us at [email protected].

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