Benefits Of ITSM In Education

November 30, 2022
Natalie Thorburn

There is no denying that the world has come a long way in terms of education, especially in the last couple of decades. Technology adoption has made learning accessible to many more people than ever before. However, despite this progress and innovation, there are still some challenges facing schools that you need to address if you want to continue improving education for all students. One of those issues is managing IT infrastructure as well as ensuring its availability for teachers and students alike. That's where ITSM comes into play!

Reducing costs

Many costs are involved in running an organization, and IT service management can help reduce them. The following are some of the ways that ITSM can help lower costs:

● Downtime. Every minute a system is down, your business loses money. This is especially true for companies with 24/7 operations, such as hospitals or emergency services, where downtime means lives are at risk.

● Resources. If you have many employees who need access to IT resources (like printers), having them all come into the office at once could end up costing you more in terms of resources than having just one printer available for everyone to use when needed.

● Human resources: You may not realize it, but employee engagement tends to go down when they're working remotely rather than on-site at HQ or branch offices. It means it will take longer for them to complete tasks because they aren't familiar with what equipment is available locally. This also increases frustration levels among staff members since no two locations are ever the same.

Improving security

● Reduce the risk of cyber attacks.

● Ensure that data is protected.

● Ensure that systems are secure. This includes ensuring that security patches are applied where required and access to sensitive information is restricted to those who need it.

● Ensure that data is backed up and protected in case of a disaster or a breach (think ransomware).

● Ensure that data is accessible when needed by the right people in your organization (e.g., students and faculty).

● Encrypt sensitive information, especially when it's stored on mobile devices or laptops/tablets owned by students or staff members, as well as any personally identifiable information such as student IDs, social security numbers, etc., stored anywhere on any system within your organization's IT infrastructure.

Promoting efficiency and productivity

One of the main benefits of ITSM is that it can help improve efficiency and productivity. This is because the service desk team works closely with the IT staff and understands their goals, processes, and priorities. As a result, they can provide better technical assistance when issues arise. This means that you will not only be able to reduce costs but also improve security by taking care of issues quickly before they become bigger problems. Solution experts like Micro Focus say, Think about the degree to which the ITSM software will make your teams more efficient.

Enhancing student performance and retention

ITSM is a way to improve the overall quality of education. It helps to improve the performance of students and also helps in improving their retention, which means that they are staying longer in school. ITSM also helps improve the overall student experience and supports teachers’ Development. All in all, IT service management is an excellent way to improve the performance and efficiency of your school. It can help you reduce costs, enhance security and promote productivity, leading to better student performance and retention.


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