Beretta 92F Centurion Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

beretta 92fs centurion review

There is no doubt that in this age of polymer frames and striker-fired pistols the Beretta 92FS can feel long in the tooth. Nevertheless, it is still an outstanding sidearm for those who need to be accurate. I was able to train Marines who had never fired a handgun before on a Beretta 92FS and get them qualified in just a few days with very little live fire practice.

There are plenty of reasons for that, including a very nice single-action trigger, an open slide design that allows the user to load and chamber one round at a time and virtually eliminates stove piping, a highly visible and easily operated firing pin block that makes sure it is cocked every time, and a tactile LCI that clearly indicates when a cartridge has been loaded into battery.

The open slide also makes it easy to attach a suppressor without having to cut or file the barrel. That's something that many police departments and law enforcement personnel will appreciate. I'm a fan of the tunable ported suppressor that Gemtech is famous for making and I'm looking forward to testing one on a Beretta 92F Centurion in the near future.

The 92FS can be a bit heavy for some users, especially those who prefer the lighter double-action pistols like the Glock 19X. However, that weight is partly what gives the gun such a smooth and steady trigger. The only drawback of this mashup is that it cannot be used in a holster designed for the Compact frame. That's because the slide and recoil spring assembly from the Compact frame will not fit on a full-size frame.

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