Bersa Thunder Pro 40 Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

bersa thunder pro 40 review

The bersa thunder pro 40 review is an all metal, single-stack DA/SA pistol most commonly chambered in.380 ACP, although a rimfire model is also available. It is a fairly light and compact handgun with an all-steel frame, steel barrel and polymer grips. It has ambidextrous safety, cocking and slide stop levers and magazine catch and is suitable for right or left-handed shooters. It also features a loaded chamber indicator and a reversible magazine catch.

Bersa’s thunder pro line has become known to those who have shot them to be well-made, reliable and very affordable. They have excellent triggers that are light and snappy in single-action and double action. They are also smooth and don’t stage easily. Some people have complained of problems with the hammer and trigger, but these are very rare.

There are a variety of different accessories that can be purchased to make the thunder pro even more useful, including holsters, sights, mags, lights and lasers. The bersa thunder pro is also easy to disassemble for cleaning, something that most shooters appreciate.

One of the most popular upgrades for this handgun is a rail-mounted laser. These can help people find their target much more quickly, especially if their eyesight is not in the best condition. This article will tell you about some of the green and red lasers suited for this handgun as well as their pros, cons and reviews, as well as direct links to where you can buy them.

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