Best Design Practices For Product Page Of An Ecommerce Website

June 1, 2021

A visitor who comes to your site and browses the various category pages before clicking on a product. It's crunch time, and you'll need well-designed eCommerce product pages to boost the stickiness factor. You must ensure that the page is neither overly basic nor overburdened with content. Because visitors cannot touch, feel, or even wear your items before purchasing, the design and content of your product page decide whether or not a visitor becomes a purchase.

To get you started, here's a list of industry best practices that will help you master your eCommerce product page designs and, as a result, boost conversions.

Use Large & Clear images

Stuff with related photographs receives more views than content that does not. When it comes to eCommerce product pages, this is even more important.

Visitors may see the specifics of your product by looking at the pictures on your product pages. As a result, one of the most important eCommerce product page best practices is to utilize a high-resolution, zoomable image above the fold. Additionally, having many images taken from various perspectives to offer visitors an overall view of the merchandise gave it an extra edge.

Images have a significant influence on the website's usability and overall UX, as well as conversions and revenues. You should keep download time in mind while creating product page pictures. Keep in mind that not everyone has a super-fast computer. A slow internet connection might have a detrimental impact on the bottom line.

Ecommerce websites like have had success with larger product photographs. Small product photographs, on the other hand, have the potential to turn off the user. For example, this MAGENTO Extension picture is only accessible at the top of the page with the title of the, making it easier to browse and allowing the user to discover the picture and title at the top while viewing the product page.

Add Call To Action

The call-to-action button would be the most significant element on an eCommerce product page if you made a list of the most significant items.

A CTA might be anything from an add to cart button to a buy now button. It must be immediately identifiable and force the visitor to take action.

Various colors signify various things. Keep two things in mind while choosing a color. To begin, consider whether that hue elicits the desired feeling in your target audience. Second, how does it contrast with the rest of the page's color scheme? The CTA should, ideally, stand out so that it attracts the customer's attention.

Like how has its CTA, placed on the right-hand side of the page, with a clear “add to cart” text and a color that stands out but is also is in sync with the rest of the website.

Ease Navigation Between Pages & Categories

The ability to navigate easily between the webpage surely makes it easy for the visitors to view your website and scroll through it with ease. Use Clear and viewable categories at the top of the page, either in a box or maybe a different color scheme to make it visible to the visitor. Like how Addify has done it, to help you navigate through ‘All’ ‘Content Management’ & ‘Sales and Motivation’ extensions for Magento.

Product Page

Sales and Promotions

Giving sales and promotions on an eCommerce website to visitors is perhaps one of the most favorite things the visitors want to see. This not only creates an urgency to buy the product but also makes the product desirable to the visitor on your page. Sales usually instigate the visitor to buy the product because it creates the urgency in the visitor that the product may get out of stock soon. Hence giving promotions of having sales on your product pages prove to be beneficial for you. has used this method to attract visitors to the page, through sales on their extensions. Having a slider on the home page that shows all the products on sale is another plus point because visitors are always direct to the home page of the website and that’s where you have to grab the attention of the visitor and turn them into potential buyers.

Product Page

Informative Product Descriptions

The finest eCommerce product descriptions make an immediate impression. They communicate value, elicit excitement, and convert visitors to consumers in an instant. To ensure that the website performs high in search engine results, keep product descriptions concise and include crucial keywords.

The gap between features and advantages must be bridged in your product portrayal. A feature is a fact about your product or service that you want to highlight. The benefit primarily addresses how a feature benefits your consumer. Tell them “why” they should buy this product and “how” a certain feature will benefit them.

It's crucial to remember that while writing descriptions, too much language that your clients don't fully comprehend might be confusing. It's preferable to avoid it since people won't

purchase it if they don't comprehend it. However, you are likely to incorporate the jargon because you believe it will make you appear more knowledgeable. And you're correct. The use of jargon enhances your trustworthiness. This is particularly true when catering to sophisticated audiences.

Product descriptions that bridge the gap between features and advantages and use fewer jargon might help buyers feel less guilty about their purchase and make it easier to make a decision. For example, stating that a certain Extension comes with lifetime updates, full-contact support, and is worth three months justifies its cost.

Product Page


eCommerce websites are starting to become very popular, and the way you display your product and present it, is really what makes you stand out. Hence always make sure that the website is up to date and the designs are simple and yet attractive to the visitors, who can potentially become your buyers.

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