Best Workout Earbuds 2023: Top Picks for Every Activity

May 24, 2024
Justin Lumiere

Over-the-ear headphones are plush and comfortable but may not be the best choice for everyday activities that require mobility. For tasks like working out, traveling, or casual use around the house, more convenient, durable, and affordable headphones are preferable. The sound quality and comfort of wireless workout headphones have improved significantly over the years.

Versatility in Usage

Activities tested include trail running, hiking, yard work, lifting weights, and watching exercise videos. The article comprises a list of WIRED's favorite pairs of wireless workout headphones, all of which have been tested in various conditions that involve sweating.

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Curated Recommendations

The article includes a list of recommended wireless workout headphones based on extensive testing. For readers who don’t find what they are looking for in the recommended list, there are other guides available, such as Best Wirefree Earbuds, Best Cheap Headphones, and Best Bluetooth Speakers.

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Recent Updates

The article has been updated in March 2024 to include new headphone models: Koss Porta Pro, Sony WH-CH720, Bose Open Ear Ultra, Anker Soundcore AeroFit Pro, 1More Fit Open, and Oladance Sport. Additionally, a section on how to pick headphones has been introduced, and links and pricing information throughout the article have been updated.

Recommended Wireless Workout Headphones (2024)
Porta ProKossLightweight, Foldable$504.0/5
WH-CH720SonyNoise Canceling, Long Battery Life$1504.5/5
Open Ear UltraBoseOpen Ear Design, Secure Fit$2004.5/5
Soundcore AeroFit ProAnkerWater Resistant, Snug Fit$1004.3/5
Fit Open1MoreComfort Tips, Secure Ear Hook$904.2/5
SportOladanceSweat Proof, Long Battery Life$804.1/5

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