Bethea Review - Is Bethea Really a Psychic?

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

Bethea is a psychic who works with her clients through email readings. Normally this is not a big deal but the fact that she doesn’t speak to you in real time and also that she uses the same readings for everyone is a huge red flag. Psychics should take the time to really tune into their client’s situation and give them personalized information.

She’s known for her weekly “Health, Wealth, and Happiness” forecast that she sends out to all of her website visitors. This is a free forecast that’s fully tailored to your specific zodiac sign and birth chart. She also has a YouTube channel where she bestows her psychic energies on viewers and sells psychic artifacts such as angel bracelets.

Her shady tactics include telling her victims that their loved ones are under a curse and convincing them to spend large sums of money on rituals to break the curse. Authentic psychics don’t do this, and they know that curses aren’t real.

Another thing that stands out about Bethea is the fact that she claims to have studied at the Faculty for Astrological Studies in London, which doesn’t exist. It’s a very small detail, but it shows that she’s not being truthful about her background and the qualifications she has to claim to be a psychic.

In addition, Bethea has two books out there – one she co-authored and one that she wrote herself. Both of these are on amazon, but she has absolutely no reviews for them. This is a big deal for most authors since book reviews are one of the most important factors that people look at when deciding whether or not to buy their work.

David Sunnyside
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