bhaptics Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

If you're looking for a way to make your virtual reality gaming experience even more realistic, then bhaptics is the way to go. The company has developed a vest that features numerous tactile haptic feedback points that can vibrate to mimic various sensations in VR games such as getting shot or being punched.

The company's haptic suit can be used with most VR experiences that support it. This includes some of the best shooters on PC and Oculus Quest as well as some social VR experiences such as VRChat and Thrill of the Fight. The bhaptics review for these games is generally good and they provide an extra level of immersion.

Besides shooting games, the bhaptics haptic suit can also be used to simulate other types of virtual reality experiences such as roller coasters and space explorations. The company also has a haptic controller called the TactGlove that allows users to touch and grip objects in VR games.

The TactGlove is an optional accessory that can be purchased alongside the bhaptics haptic vest. It comes with a pair of inner gloves that can be easily removed for washing. This is a hygienic feature that will certainly be appreciated by anyone who wears the gloves for long periods of time.

The bhaptics system is very simple to set up. It can be connected to almost all devices with a USB Bluetooth adapter and an app that is available on the PC. It is also compatible with SteamVR and allows the user to select which haptic feedback points they want to use in their games.

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