Bheestie Bag Where to Buy

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

The Bheestie Bag removes water from a wet gadget saving you frustration, time and most of all money. Personal electronics are subjected to damaging moisture constantly from sweat, rain, spills and humidity. The Bheestie bag draws the moisture away from the electronic device to prevent corrosion and restore it to full functionality.

The bheestie bag is designed to keep in your backpack, backpacking pack or even in your desk drawer at work in case a device gets wet. It's a small bag filled with molecular beads that a company says are seven times more effective at drawing moisture from an electronic device than rice or other home remedies. It's also said to keep working at least a year and doesn't leave any residue on the device.

Inside the bag are blue indicator pellets that will turn gray when it's time to change them out. You can use it over again, but repeated usage will shorten its "shelf life." The bag itself is 6'' x 9'' and big enough for phones and MP3 players, but probably too small for tablets. You can order one from the bheestie website for $20 and they say it should be in your back pocket or car in case you need to save a wet phone or other device.

We contacted the company for more details and were told that they've been selling the product since 2014. The company has a good reputation and is legitimate, operating through a secure HTTPS system that protects customers and their financial information from hackers. They have been shipping to 164 countries and are known for their high-quality products.

David Sunnyside
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