Birthday Cake Oreos Review

May 26, 2023
David Sunnyside

The Oreo team strikes again with another fun flavor, this time it's birthday cake. The classic chocolate sandwich cookie gets a fun twist with a creme filling flecked with rainbow sprinkles. It's definitely sweeter than the original Oreo, but many raters say it's a nice change of pace. If you like Funfetti cake or cake batter ice cream, these are definitely for you!

The frosting-like creme doesn't taste like typical Oreo creme, which I think was a smart move by the team. I really liked these and enjoyed them on their own as well as dunked in a glass of milk (think Froot Loops). The cookie is also pretty great and has a nice cocoa flavor to it. The frosting is what made me love them though, and the sprinkles add a nice visual touch.

While the original Birthday Cake Oreos were a rare misfire from Oreo, these aren't! They're just as good, if not better than the regular ones. It took a lot of careful alchemy to capture the essence of birthday cake in a snack, but I think they succeeded here! They're a little trimmed down from the Ultimate Chocolate Oreos that came out back in 2022, but this trimming back paid off and really unlocked their star power. This is one of my favorite Oreo flavors.

David Sunnyside
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