Black Bear Tune Review

March 18, 2023
David Sunnyside

black bear tune review

If you are looking for a new tuning system for your GM vehicle, then look no further than Black Bear Tuner. They specialize in mail order computer tuning for 96 different GM vehicles, but they have one special twist that sets them apart from the rest: they know that every vehicle operates differently so they don’t simply use a standard tune.

How They Do It

First, they loan their customers hardware and software to collect data on sensor readings while driving. Then, they send that data to their team at Black Bear Tuner so they can analyze it and build a tune customized to each engine’s personality.

They’ve found that by adjusting the shift points on many of the different gears, they can make a big difference in performance, especially when it comes to highway passing power. The higher shift points allow the vehicle to get into second much faster than it can without a tune.

The company also offers a scan cable tune for their customers. This is a lot easier than traditional tuning, so it’s becoming their most popular mail order procedure.

How Long Do You Need To Drive With The Scan Cable For An Accurate Reading?

Whether you want to try their in-person service or mail-order computer tuning, Black Bear Tuner is the best choice for a reliable and high-quality tune. Their professional staff is always ready to help you get the most out of your GM vehicle.

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