Black Magic Pre Workout Review

April 15, 2023
David Sunnyside

black magic pre workout review

Black Magic Supply BZRK supreme Pre Workout is designed for those looking to take their workouts to a whole new level. Each handcrafted scoop contains a potent mix of ingredients to give you the power and performance to destroy any workout ahead.

Unlike other pre workouts on the market, Black Magic BZRK is a high-energy, hard hitting pre workout that delivers a full clinical dose of ingredients to increase your nitric oxide levels and boost muscle pumps! It’s loaded with over 16g of powerful muscle builders - nootropics and pump boosters, so you’ll be pumped and ready to crush your workout!

Brain Waves

While most nootropics are focused on increasing focus, Black Magic Brain Waves focuses on improving cognitive efficiency. Its combination of cholinergic ingredients like CDP Choline and Huperzine A (which we like) help to increase focus, reduce anxiety, enhance cognition, increase multi-tasking, boost alertness, and more.

Awakening Energy & Strong Mental Focus

It’s a bit hard to describe the energy that Brain Waves gives you, but it’s something like what you would experience with a good, high-quality coffee. After about ten minutes, a gradual wave of uplifting energy and strong mental focus comes over you, which gradually fades away as the effects wear off.

This isn’t the most intense type of energy you can get, but it’s still very nice and it lasts a lot longer than most pre-workouts we’ve tried. It’s great for those who have long workouts or those who need a lot of energy to keep up with their training!

David Sunnyside
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