Blackburn Bike Lights

August 19, 2023
David Sunnyside

Blackburn is a brand that makes a wide range of lights in many different styles, sizes and power levels. Its lights are reliable and user-friendly, with simple push buttons to cycle between flash modes and a handful of battery options. Its front and rear lights are easily swapped between bikes thanks to clever mounting straps that don’t require a clamp and can be slipped onto the bars or seat post in seconds. They also have a rubber charging port cover to prevent road spray from shorting out the USB plug and causing damage.

While there’s still a case for 'the brighter the better', advances in LED technology and lithium batteries mean you can get good run times from a smaller, lighter system. It’s also worth considering whether you need a headlight with a flash mode, as this will help you be more visible to drivers and avoid the classic ‘I didn't see you’ excuse.

The Blackburn Fleas are one of the more cleverly designed lights available and it’s not just because they look like the heads of a Transformer (see what I did there?). Essentially they attach to the bike using a strap that runs through a loop on the underside of the light, so you can quickly attach or remove them (it’s worth doing this if you plan on leaving your bike unattended for any length of time in public) and the strap also helps to keep the lights firmly attached despite vibrations.

David Sunnyside
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