Blizzard Brahma Review

July 8, 2023
David Sunnyside

The blizzard brahma review is a frontside ski that will thrill you when you’re arcing long, medium radius turns on groomers or pounding through the bumps. It also holds its edge in fresh powder, but it’s not built for deep off-piste conditions. The combination of two end-to-end sheets of titanium, carbon, and a sandwich composite sidewall construction give the Brahma massive amounts of power, stability, and dampness that will get you stoked to ski fast on hard snow days.

The new v3 Brahma features a slightly wider platform than its predecessor and has more rocker in the tails to help it carve a little better on harder snow. It’s still the perfect ski for aggressive Western skiers or people in the East who want a powerful, frontside quiver killer.

It’s important to note that the Brahma is a very powerful ski and it’s not for beginners or people who tend to overestimate their ability on groomers. It’s a ski that can easily rip your head off if you overdo it, so leave the ego at home and don’t push this ski too hard.

The 88 mm waist is also quite narrow, which greatly cuts into its versatility in soft and mixed snow. It’s one of the few Frontside skis in our test that receives only a 6 or 5 in our Float category, so it may feel planky and one-dimensional to someone who prefers softer/mixed snow. However, it’s a great ski for advanced and expert level skiers who are confident in a wide range of conditions.

David Sunnyside
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