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Video Games Write For Us: Guest Post


Guest posting is all the rage these days. Also, blogging has been around for a while now. The industry is only growing at this point. When it comes to blogging about videos, Tech-Exclusive is the go to. Video games write for us on any popular video game you like. Furthermore, we love the Sims, Legend of Zelda, Pokémon, Grand Theft Auto and much more! If you would like a guest blog post then shoot us an email at [email protected] for a same day response.

Video Games Write For Us Guidelines:

Length: A minimum of 300 words.
Paragraphs: Please divide your video game guest post into clear paragraphs. This makes it easier for users to read.
Links: These can be included, but should be added to the content to provide useful information.
Media: You can include media such as images. We also love videos, maps or other graphics in your article. If you have content of you playing the game that is even better!

The opportunities for online gaming is about to explode with Facebook announcing its new Meta Platform. Furthermore, this is change the way we think about video games forever. Guest blogging is fun and exciting, and we can not wait to hear about your experience playing. Online gaming is becoming more common for people around the world.

Video games are always changing and growing. We work with many online gaming companies with quality content. What are your favorite video games to blog about? Also with video game guest blogging comes the technology behind the gaming. Whether it be a super computer or gaming console that plugs into your TV.

Video Games Write For Us

Concluding Thoughts On Guest Posting:

In conclusion, I hope you enjoyed reading about video game posting on Tech-Exclusive. Furthermore, please leave your thoughts and comments below.

We cannot wait to hear from you about video game related content. We want anything related to the video games for guest posting! Finally, we also have a contact us page if you prefer filling out a contact form. Feel free to also check out another great blogging opportunity here.

Artificial Intelligence Topics: AI Versus IT


Artificial intelligence (AI) solutions are the future of technology that will reshape the entire world in the following years. The increasing computing power has led to the development of incredibly powerful AI solutions that can improve business practices and revolutionize entire industries. Read more on artificial intelligence topics.

AI also has a direct impact on the IT sector, as it’s redefining the essence of cyberspace. It uses the same software and hardware to access data and become smarter over time. Let’s dig deeper into AI technologies and see how they are changing the entire IT sector.

Photo by Andy Kelly on Unsplash

Artificial Intelligence Topics – The Difference Between AI and Information Technology

Even though AI and IT might seem similar, there is one major difference between the two technologies. While AI’s job is to help build intelligent systems capable of mimicking human behavior, IT systems can only capture, store, and analyze data to help pinpoint the most accurate information.

AI systems are considered dominant because they work to develop knowledge and facts from large amounts of data. IT systems can’t tell the difference between different data, making it less efficient for finding accurate information. Artificial intelligence and machine learning can learn and predict behavior over time. As such, they can provide solutions for complex problems most people aren’t even aware of.

Artificial Intelligence Topics – Impact of AI on Information Technology

IT technologies and AI solutions are evolving faster than ever before. Most AI solutions focus on improving old ideas and enhancing outdated IT systems, helping improve their performance. AI can scale operations and help transform outdated IT functions into intelligent solutions. It uses automation to optimize IT systems and improve all kinds of business processes. Here are some applications of AI in information technology:

1. Improved Security

Ensuring that all sensitive data is safe and secure at all times is an essential consideration for every business out there. Every online interaction generates data that is used for all kinds of activities. Governments and private organizations store massive amounts of customer data that must be kept safe from cybercriminals.

Even though cybersecurity keeps improving, criminals always find new ways of breaching systems and stealing valuable data. However, AI solutions can help put a stop to this malevolent practice. They use advanced algorithms to help improve security by creating an extra protective layer around stored data.

The AI algorithms can detect potential threats and data breaches ahead of time. Moreover, they will provide efficient solutions that will prevent such events from happening in the first place.

2. Increased Productivity

Most businesses adopt AI solutions to increase productivity and reduce costs. Advanced AI algorithms can help increase productivity in many different ways. For example, AI can help improve the quality of coding and reduce bugs during software development.

There are special AI solutions developed to improve coding and help programmers increase efficiency. The quality of the code is much higher, which leads to fewer bugs and faster release to market times. Here’s how everything works. The programmers write codes and the AI reviews the structure and highlights areas that need improvements.

Moreover, it will suggest what lines of code to change to increase productivity and reduce downtimes during production. Wizata industrial manufacturing software is an excellent example of how AI helps improve productivity. It’s a solution that’s already redefining multiple industries such as mining, the food, and beverage industry, manufacturing, and many others.

artificial intelligence topics

Photo by Possessed Photography on Unsplash

3. Automation

Automation is another massive benefit of using AI as a business solution. Once the AI learns how a system works, it can complete repetitive tasks without human intervention. AI will keep learning through automation, and it will eventually take over other, more complex processes as well.

Technologies such as machine learning and deep learning work together to reduce production costs and increase productivity. Moreover, the AI learns from past mistakes, leading to even better production solutions with higher efficiency.

4. Application Deployment

AI also increases control during software development and deployment. It proved to be a useful tool for predicting integration problems as well as finding issues during the versioning stage. In other words, AI makes sure that the final version is bug-free by predicting problems and providing solutions.

That way, when the software is about to go live, it is working perfectly. Successful software deployment is key, as it saves companies a lot of downtime and potential repair costs.

5. Quality Assurance

Many software developers and IT companies struggle with quality assurance. Most software developers have access to hundreds of tools, so finding the best tool for the job at hand becomes complicated.

However, when they apply AI methodologies to the mix, developers can use advanced AI tools to mitigate issues within the software through automation. AI can remedy all bugs automatically and bridge all the gaps in the software without human help. As you can imagine, that leads to faster development times and a drastic cost reduction. Digital Twin technology, for example, is able to run advanced simulations to ensure product quality in various settings. It’s one of the most revolutionary technologies the world has ever seen.

6. Server Optimization

Growing businesses often struggle with server hosting. A sudden inflow of requests can lead to unresponsive servers, slow page loading, and a steady drop in the user experience. AI SaaS solutions are already used to deal with this problem. They are designed to help optimize host servers to increase the customer experience and boost operation quality.

As the IT sector keeps evolving, AI solutions will become an integral part of many processes such as staffing, software integration with existing business processes, and other areas. The need is already here, and it’s going to grow in the future.

artificial intelligence topics

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

Artificial Intelligence Topics –AI is The Future of IT

It seems like traditional IT practices and methods have reached the point where humans can’t cope with the rising amount of data and process complexity. Artificial intelligence offers unprecedented data analytics capabilities needed to carry out operations humans just can’t compete with.

Software development practices have evolved beyond human capabilities, so AI is the only viable option for ensuring product quality. Moreover, it can simplify existing processes, and increase productivity through automation, allowing programmers and software developers to create better solutions. Now you know more on artificial intelligence topics.

Christopher is a digital marketing specialist at Digital Strategy One and a freelance blogger. He is focused on new web tech trends and digital voice distribution across different channels. In his free time Christopher plays drums and Magic: the Gathering.

Building Your Own Super Computer: How to Get Started


Building your own super computer

With so many computer companies out there, it can be hard to know where to begin when building your machine. For anybody that wants complete control over the hardware in their computer, or doesn’t want to pay the extra fees that come with purchasing pre-built computers, building your computer can save you time and money. Building your own super computer is easier than ever. If you’re ready to take the plunge into the world of DIY PC-building, here are four tips that will help you get started:

Research What Parts You Need for building your own super computer

You can learn a lot about what parts you need to build your computer by taking a look at websites and video tutorials and doing some good old-fashioned research. First things first: figure out what kind of computer you want. There are two main options: desktop and laptop. While desktops require more hardware, they require less maintenance over time. Laptops typically cost less than desktops but require more frequent (and costly) upgrades to their hardware. Both will require PCB solutions to get up and running.

Identify Your Goals

The next step in building a computer is to identify the purpose of your computer. Will the computer primarily be used for photo editing, gaming, word processing, or something else? Will you need to store lots of video or audio files? Think about how often you’ll use your computer and what software you’ll want to use. This way, you’ll be able to identify the list of components you’ll need to complete the project.

The use of your computer can largely impact what kinds of specifications you will require. For example, if your PC will be used for gaming, you’ll want at least 16 GB of RAM and a 1TB hard drive to be able to support the software and still run smoothly. In-depth photo and video editing also requires quite a bit of power. Computers used solely for writing and web browsing, however, require less power in order to function smoothly. Be sure to keep your intended use in mind when choosing parts for your computer.

Buy Components

Needed in your hand are tools. You can use a screwdriver or a power drill with a Phillips-head bit. If you have wire cutters on hand, they’ll help snip any excess wires from their connections—and you’ll also need some sort of insulation tape to secure your internal components. You may want to check with an electronics store if you don’t have any of these items at home.

Hire a Specialist

If you are clueless when it comes to all things computers, don’t despair. Find a friend or family member who can help you build your computer. Even if they aren’t experts, their advice will be much appreciated by you, and their expertise will make building your computer easier. If you hit a wall in building your computer, consider hiring someone that specializes in repairs or building computers.

Building your own super computer

Building your computer isn’t as hard as you might think, but it requires some patience and careful planning. Again, building your own super computer is easier than ever. Keep these four tips in mind to help make your project a success.


Pardot WordPress Plugin: Marketing Automation Solution


Plugin Description

Pardot is a marketing automation solution that helps businesses create meaningful connections and generate more pipeline to make more money. Check out the official Pardot WordPress Plugin WordPress plugin below.

This plugin will make automated marketing very simple. Connect your WordPress website with the Pardot you already know created by Salesforce. Download it to your site and you are ready to go.

You will be able to track visitors and work with forms and dynamic content without touching a single line of code. You can use the widget to place a form or dynamic content anywhere a sidebar appears. Also, you can embed them in a page or post using a shortcode or the Pardot button on the Visual Editor’s toolbar.

Pardot created this plugin for its WordPress users to be able to connect its software with websites. Also, you should check out the download link below to get it. Please check reviews for the plugin before getting it because some people say it is not the best plugin for all themes. Make sure this plugin will be good for you before you stick with it.

I personally love this plugin and it allows me to make so much more money on my business. Go and check it out for yourself is what I say!

Specifications: Pardot WordPress Plugin

  • Creator: Pardot
  • Cost: Free
  • Active Installations: 6,000+
  • Plugin Page

Photos: Pardot WordPress Plugin

Pardot WordPress Plugin


Extra Information

In conclusion, I hope you enjoyed reading about this plugin. Also, check some other WordPress plugins like this one on our Plugins page. Furthermore, check out our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

What do you think of this plugin? Have you used it before? It seems like it is pretty great, but I want to hear what you really think. Finally, please leave your thoughts and comments below or on our social media pages.

WordPress Comic Plugin: The Coolest Plugin


Plugin Description

Are you looking for a plugin that is fun and makes your site more relaxing to be on? If you are, the plugin we will talk about is perfect for you. The WordPress Comic Plugin is great for you to use on your site.

Webcomic organizes comics into different collections. This allows you to publish custom posts that are humorous. You can choose from many different comic series and have them spinning on your front page or on posts. The nice and cool part is you can easily manage which ones go up on your site right through WordPress.

This plugin is integrated via the Customizer section of your WordPress interface. Most themes will be able to utilize the plugin correctly, but you may want to double check by testing it on your theme.

Below are the different ways you can add comics to your site.

  • Alert – adds settings for creating buffer and hiatus email alerts. Never forget an update with customizable email alerts.
  • Character – allows you to tag character appearances and use character-based archives.
  • Commerce – adds PayPal-based print selling and donation features.
  • Restrict – adds features for restricting access to comics based on age or user role.
  • Storyline – allows you to organize comics by storyline and use storyline-based archives.
  • Transcribe – adds comic transcription features for SEO-enhancing text alternatives to your comics.
  • Twitter – adds settings for updating your Twitter account status when publishing comics.

Also, check out more details on the plugin below. Furthermore, the download link is in the link below in specifications. I love how cool this plugin is and how funny the comic series they provide are. Definitely check this plugin out to spruce up your website.

Specifications: WordPress Comic Plugin

  • Creator: Michael Sisk
  • Cost: Free
  • Active Installations: 1,000+
  • Download: Link

Photos: WordPress Comic Plugin

wordpress comic plugin

Extra Information

In conclusion, I hope you enjoyed reading about this plugin. Also, check some other WordPress plugins like this one on our Plugins page. Furthermore, check out our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

In addition, what do you think of this plugin? Also, have you used it before? It seems like it is pretty great, but I want to hear what you really think. Finally, please leave your thoughts and comments below or on our social media pages.

Fluida WordPress Theme: A Cool Look


Theme Description

Are you someone who like a modern and squeaky clean look? If you do, this is the theme you want for your WordPress website right now. Read more about the Fluida WordPress Theme below.

This theme has notable features such as icon fonts, 100 plus social icons, 3 menus, 6 widget areas, and even 8-page templates. HTML5 and CSS3 were used for its graphics. The speed of this theme is phenomenal. You can really set up a clean and new looking website in just minutes with this theme.

The framework of the theme is very light, but very powerful. Furthermore, do not underestimate what this theme can do for you and your business. Give off that sleek and modern look to customers who visit you online. Also, this will definitely give you the boost in sales you needed.

I have used this theme in the past and have totally loved it. Check it out below in the live demo link. You can add it to your site and preview it to see what it will look like. Checking what it looks like and how it performs with your site specifically is very important in the process of picking a theme.

Specifications: Fluida WordPress Theme

  • Geared toward: Businesses
  • Price: Free
  • Creator: Cryout Creations
  • Post formats: Posts, Images, Pages, Products
  • Live Demo: Link

Photos: Fluida WordPress Theme

Fluida WordPress Theme

Extra Information

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Anissa WordPress Theme: A Feminine Look


Theme Description

The theme that you are looking for on your WordPress site is right here! Are you a feminist or someone who runs a very cute girly business? If so, this is the perfect layout for your website. Read more about the Anissa WordPress Theme below.

Anissa is designed with a feminine style in mind. In addition, the typography is amazing and makes the site look very cute. Custom image headers with text and custom logo uploads are available with this theme. Post carousel are really cool because you can choose the category and number of posts you want on your front page. This theme has that! Also, the theme has the ability to do very cute posts that will come off as a story almost instead of an article on a news site.

Both on desktop and on mobile, this theme will make your site look great. WooCommerce works with this theme allowing you to create your own store as well. It is very cutesy and allows you to really talk about yourself and show off your pretty site. There are post options as well as products and pages. Currently, the price is $59 which is not bad for themes of this caliber on the market.

Specifications: Anissa WordPress Theme

  • Geared toward: Feminine businesses
  • Price: $59
  • Creator: Alien WP
  • Post formats: Posts, Images, Pages, Products
  • Live Demo: Link

Photos: Anissa WordPress Theme

Anissa WordPress ThemeExtra Information

In conclusion, I hope you enjoyed reading about this theme. Also, check some other WordPress Themes like this one on our Themes page. Furthermore, check out our Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.

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BLO WordPress Theme: Corporate Business Theme


Theme Description

Are you looking for a new WordPress theme? Some of the best ones are not really talked about enough and I think this is one of them. If you are a start up or a corporate office, you may want to use this one. Read more about the BLO WordPress Theme below.

This theme created by Xpeed Studio is perfect for people who run a startup, apps and digital agency, or technology business. This platform allows you to really show off your business and what you do in a very official and modern way. Attract new customers and show them you can really do it all. The theme will allow them to see that you are very professional and they will trust you because of that.

The price of this theme is $49. Furthermore, this is actually a good price considering all of the items you get with this theme. What do you think of this theme? Please leave your thoughts and comment lower in the page. In addition, thank you for taking a look at it. Please try the demo link below. I think this theme is great and could be used for many different businesses. Also, it really had boosted many businesses and sales over the years. Try it out for yourself.

Specifications: BLO WordPress Theme

  • Geared toward: Corporate Businesses
  • Price: $49
  • Creator: Xpeed Studio
  • Post formats: Posts
  • Live Demo: Link

Photos: BLO WordPress Theme

BLO WordPress Theme

Extra Information

In conclusion, I hope you enjoyed reading about this theme. Also, check some other WordPress Themes like this one on our Themes page. Furthermore, check out our Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.

What do you think of this theme? Have you used it before? It seems like it is pretty great, but I want to hear what you really think. Finally, please leave your thoughts and comments below or on our social media pages.

Important Digital Marketing Tactics That Will Help You Retain Your Customers


[Source: Unsplash]

Attracting customers can be a tricky thing, but retaining them can be even more complicated. You want to make sure that your customers are satisfied with your products or services enough to come back.

Even though retaining your customers is more difficult than acquiring new ones, it’s also more profitable. Your most loyal and satisfied customers will be happy to spread the word about your brand and, potentially, bring even more people to you.

If you are operating on the U.S. East Coast, a web design company in New York can help you develop techniques to keep your customers satisfied and to keep track of what marketing tactics suit your brand best. Here are some tips on how you can retain your customers through simple yet very effective steps.

Prove your customers they can trust you

Building trust is a major point in retaining your customers because if you fail to meet their expectations once, it will discourage them from buying your goods ever again. Today it is especially difficult to maintain customers’ trust since there are so many brands with similar businesses all over the world to choose buying from.

There are several things you can do to learn more about your customers’ experiences. You can put out a survey to learn what the average consumer thinks about your brand. You can also gather customer reviews of your products or services through social media channels, email, or your website.


Share online reviews to the company and the public

Apart from using customers’ reviews as a tool to help you improve your business where its performance is lacking, a good strategy to build trust with your customers is to share those reviews with the public. Reviews are a huge asset to proving yourself as a trustworthy brand.

People tend to check out other people’s experiences online before making a purchase. The more reviews there are that convey a positive message about your brand, the higher the chance your customers will make a purchase. Use the good old “word of mouth” to your advantage.

Customer reviews can give a good insight into your company’s performance. As such, you can share them with the rest of your company, so your team is aware of what they need to improve.

For example, if there are some flaws in the product, the designers who created it can take the reviews into account when looking for opportunities to improve it. Your customers will appreciate the effort you put into improving your products and will be more willing to stay loyal to your brand.

Online reviews don’t necessarily have to be text-based. Testimonial videos are even more convincing because your customers can see the actual people who benefited from your brand, making the reviews more personal.


Be open to criticism

You might unintentionally break the trust you had built with your customers. Sometimes you will promise more than you can give, or there might be some misunderstandings about the pricing. These things can and probably will happen, but what’s important is the way you handle the criticism.

Ignoring your customers or responding negatively will only make matters worse. Sometimes you might have to apologize even if you think there was no harm done. Being open to criticism will make your customers and know that their opinion matters to you.

Have an outstanding customer service

Your company’s customer service plays a major role in retaining customers. You might sell the products that meet the customers’ needs, but if something goes wrong and your customer service fails to help your customers, they might reconsider buying from you again.

There are certain ways you can improve your customer service team’s performance. It is your job to educate them about your brand and everything that it offers. They need to know all about your products and services, so they can give precise answers to customers’ questions and concerns.

They also have to be quick in responding to the customers, whether via telephone, email, or live chat on your website. Your customer service should listen to the customers attentively and patiently, and give them clear instructions

Last but not least, your customers should feel like the person they are talking to understands their problems and is willing to help. If the customers are satisfied with your service, they are more likely to overlook the problems they were facing to begin with.

Make your customers remember you

Another strategy to keep your customers coming back to you is to remind them over and over about your brand. This means keeping them in touch with the latest news your brand has. Keep your customers informed about products, new locations of physical stores or discounts that you offer.

Educate your customers about your business

Educating your customers about your business gives you a better chance to keep them. It’s not quite the same as promoting the products you’re offering. Don’t try to convince them why they need to buy from you but teach them how they can solve problems, using your goods.

This will give them a sense of security because they will know what to expect from your products. There will be less room for complaints which will again build trust and bring more loyal customers to your business.

The way you can achieve this is by interacting with your customers. Organizing workshops or giving your customers hands-on experience is a good method of educating them because interactive training is more engaging and memorable.

If you are not able to organize real-life workshops, you can always upload videos to your website or social media. For example, tutorial short videos about facts and stats related to your business could educate your customers about your brand even more.

Use email automation

Sending newsletters to your customers will keep them updated about your brand. Unlike manual monitoring, email automation gives you the option to send an email to all of the customers at once. This is much more practical and it saves you a lot of time.

Email automation can be used for different purposes, like welcoming your new customers or celebrating their birthdays or anniversaries. You want to educate your customers about the benefits you offer. Sometimes you just want to remind your customers about your business with a re-engaging email.

Be careful not to send automated emails without testing them first. Establish the tone and voice you want to use when talking to your clients. What you also want to avoid is sending too many emails. Spamming your customers will only get your emails muted or ignored.

Make a customer communication calendar

Even if your customers don’t reach out to you for some time, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t contact them now and then. A customer communication calendar will help you keep track of your interactions with your customers.

A communication calendar can help you keep track of your promotions, sales or inform your customers of a new store location Or, you can use it to simply keep track when to remind your customers that their account might expire and they should renew it.

Reward your customers with a loyalty program

It’s great if you already have your loyal customers. So why not give them something as a “thank you” for being your client? Offer them a loyalty program. There are different kinds of loyalty programs you can offer your customers to choose from.

For example, paid programs offer customers unique benefits in exchange for a certain fee. On the other hand, spend-based loyalty programs give your customers credits for spending a certain amount of money on your brand.

Keep things practical

Some aspects of your website, like poor loading speed or a messy page layout can discourage your customers from making a purchase. Remember that consumers today are more likely to use their mobile phones rather than computers to browse the Internet.

You may have a perfectly-functioning webpage when viewed on a PC, but on mobile devices, it may look completely different. If the text is not organized and the image size is too big, it will give your customers the impression that you are not as professional as you want to be.

Keep track of your churn metrics

Losing a customer is a common occurrence, especially with so many competitors that can offer something you might not have. Churn analysis displays the number of customers you lose during a certain period of time,

Churn analytics save you money. Retaining current customers is cheaper than acquiring new ones. With churn metrics, you can calculate the number of customers that stopped buying from you and the total number of customers that you acquired during a certain period.

Descriptive and diagnostic analytics show you the reason why your customers churn. Once you figure out the reason why some of your customers churn, you will be able to predict which ones are likely to churn with the next few months using predictive analysis and work to prevent that.

Author bio

Travis Dillard is a business consultant and an organizational psychologist based in Arlington, Texas. Passionate about marketing, social networks, and business in general. In his spare time, he writes a lot about new business strategies and digital marketing for DigitalStrategyOne.


How Online Gaming Has Changed in the Last 10 Years


The last decade has seen significant growth in the gaming industry, which has never been seen before. This growth is attributed to improved technology, the modernization of gaming gadgets, the advancement of graphics that come with these games, and other factors.

The restrictions that COVID brought about have led many people to look for different ways of interacting, apart from social media platforms. There has been an increase in interactions between gamers, both young and old. This blog will focus on the growth that online gaming has experienced over the last ten years.

Online Gambling

Gambling, especially in the casinos, started in the 1600s. However, the evolution of gambling in the last ten years is exceptional, thanks to the ever-changing technology. Although gambling has often been seen as a game that mainly involves a group of friends pulling up at a casino on a Friday evening, online technology has made it easier for the providers.

The coming of smartphones has been key to the entry of online gambling. For example, $5 deposit casinos have increased in number to bulge wallets and as a mode of entertainment. With just access to the web and your smartphone, you can play in the $5 Minimum Deposit Casino since it is very convenient.

2. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

Image source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/serious-man-in-headset-for-playing-video-game-7241419/

Although some might argue that both augmented reality and virtual reality date back to the early ‘90s, it is evident, they have gained momentum in the past ten years. Major tech powerhouses and communication companies seek to share this new technology that has changed the gaming industry.

Although it has not been fully developed, these players have made steps to impact the gaming industry, where both AR and VR have recorded an annual rate of 18.5%. With these people-like characters, avatars will be in the virtual environment, where people will interact with one another using unique gadgets.

A major drawback that the evolution of this technology brings is the high prices of purchasing the required gadgets to get fully immersed in the virtual world. Buying these products might be complex, but with time, the costs will lower since there will be extensive shifting in AR and VR games.

3. Video Games Tournaments

Video games tournaments, through eSports, are also taking the whole gaming industry by storm. This is because they are popular among both children, youths, and the old. Video game tournaments have been famous because one does not need to be actively involved but can just watch as entertainment. Also, they allow for multiplayer gaming, hence involving more players in a single game.

In the last decade, especially with FIFA, there has been a significant improvement in the video quality and graphics. This has also played a critical role in the increased popularity of gaming in the world. The tournaments, for example, can involve players from different corners of the world.

This kind of interaction helps pass the time, team building, and skill-sharing among themselves. These tournaments are pretty easy to access and join, thanks to the fast internet speeds available to the public

4. Mobile Gaming

Image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/DVbf1r8tmUM

Mobile gaming entails the use of smartphones or iPads to engage in gaming. In the last decade, Mobile gaming has dominated all forms of gaming, making it the most popular gaming method. The breakthrough that comes with mobile phones is the fact that they’re easily accessible for gaming. The ease of accessing games has turned almost every other person into a gamer. Through them, people have fun to relieve their minds of a day’s work.

5. Vintage Video Games

They say old is gold. The gaming industry, just like other industries, for example, the fashion industry, might have made this statement true by updating the games that were there decades ago. The previous decade has seen an increase in the demand for these founder games from the older and younger generations. Nintendo, for instance, has updated and released Nintendo Switch to take advantage of the rising demand for games from decades ago.

An interesting fact about gaming is that it is more significant than the music and movie industries combined. It accounts for 26% of the world’s total population. In 2020 alone, the industry generated close to $155 billion in revenue. This robust growth has attracted different players from tech and non-tech companies such as Google, Apple, Facebook, etc.

Unlike others stagnating for an extended period, gaming has evolved and will continue evolving in the years to come. This growth is in terms of monetization and revolves around how money is made, for instance, through merchandise marketing.

Gaming today is seen as a form of entertainment and hobby, unlike in the past, where gamers were seen as idlers.