Blood-C Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

bloodc review

If you're a fan of the Blood franchise this is a good series that delivers what it promises. However I'm unsure if it was worth the wait considering the weak build and a few other flaws.

Blood-C is a tense horror adventure featuring some amazing fight scenes. The story starts off a little slow though as it introduces Saya Kisaragi, a school girl who bumbles about in her uniform by day but is a fearsome huntress of Lovecraftian creatures and monsters at night. Those who are not fans of the series should be wary though as this show has some painfully clumsy and juvenile school antics to get through before it even gets going.

The plot itself is a mix of human drama and demon slayer action which works pretty well at first but the pacing slows down a little after about seven episodes. However, by the halfway point things begin to pick up with some interesting new characters being introduced as well as a plot full of deceit and mystery. This is where the series really shines with some well choreographed and exciting fight scenes. The series never shies away from some incredibly gory violence either as the monsters are often skewered, decapitated or pulled apart like wishbones.

This is a well made and enjoyable horror / samurai series with impressive fight scenes and some very interesting new characters. The series sadly suffers from some of the same issues as other CLAMP anime has had in the past such as a weak plot and some clumsy comedy that takes away from the overall experience.

David Sunnyside
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