Bodycraft XFT Review

May 22, 2023
David Sunnyside

The body craft xft review is the most comprehensive strength training system ever created. Designed and engineered by Bodycraft the patented XFT fuses Barbell training with a Functional Training machine all within a compact 61’’ x 50’’ floor space. XFT was designed to allow you to perform virtually countless exercises in natural and safe fashion enabling you to meet and exceed your fitness goals.

Unlike Smith machines the XFT bars move free both horizontally and vertically through industrial grade linear bearings allowing for a full range of movement. This allows you to perform all the familiar barbell exercises including squats, bench press and power cleans. The XFT also reacts to your natural movements never forcing you through an unnatural path of motion as the machine is counter-balanced making it easy to switch from one exercise to another.

Another cool feature is a laminated book mounted on the center point of the machine which breaks down different body parts and shows you all the different exercises you can do to work that specific area. It’s a great little addition that really shows that Bodycraft goes to the extreme to make sure that you can get maximum use out of their functional trainer.

David Sunnyside
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