Bomb Seeds Review

May 23, 2023
David Sunnyside

bomb seeds review

If there is a motivational poster hanging in the grow room at Bomb Seeds, it probably says: "There is nothing that cannot be crossed with Bomb." This is one of the most award-winning seed banks around with a catalogue of exceptional cannabis strains that has won them many prizes.

The Dutchmen of Bomb Seeds have once again succeeded in crossing a classic with their own genetics to create a new strain with incredible yields and potency. Cheese Bomb is developed from an original Exodus Cheese clone from the UK and crossed with their own Bomb #1 and Bomb #3 genetics to maximize yield and increase potency.

This is a powerful indica that grows fast and produces huge harvests. The plant itself is dense, compact and covered in sticky trichomes that make this an ideal strain for SCROG or SOG setups. The plants will not take too long to flower either as they can be ready after 3.5 weeks of blooming, which is really quick for an indica.

This is a strong hybrid that will produce some truly heavy buds with a dream terpene profile. The plant itself is very robust and can be grown in a wide variety of growing styles and systems such as LST, SCROG or bending. Sugar Bomb Punch is a good choice for growers who want to try something different from the usual and go with an uplifting, sativa-dominant hybrid. The plants are also easy to grow and respond well during VEG and bud-growth.

David Sunnyside
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