Bomberg Watches Review

May 26, 2023
David Sunnyside

The world of watches can be a daunting place for anyone looking to buy a new timepiece. With millions of options available it can be difficult to find one that fits the personality and outfit while not breaking the bank. Enter Bomberg, a relatively new watch company that is making quite the splash with their disruptive designs and bold attitude. Founded in 2013 Bomberg takes a different approach to designing and creating watches, instead of following the typical model that is embraced by most luxury brands. The brand’s men’s and women’s designer gold watches reflect a sense of excitement, daring, and pioneering spirit.

The Bolt 68 has an undeniably attention-grabbing appearance, especially in the Neon Ice Blue variant. The design is bold and muscular but not oversized and manages to draw your eyes to the dial, even when it is not being worn. The case itself has a nice, solid feel and the contour of the bottom of the lugs wraps around the wrist, gripping it tightly.

With a Swiss Made Quartz movement, the Bolt 68 is incredibly precise and accurate. The chronograph function works well and the movement is robust. The chronograph hands are unique and have a great look to them. The 1968 has a sandblasted black PVD finish that feels very much inspired by aircraft and other military vehicles. The unique way of displaying the hours and minutes on this watch is also a real highlight.

The 1968’s main index has a strong and masculine appearance, although some people do find it a little too busy. The sandblasted black PVD creates a more aggressive feel and the large digits resemble tachometers and other dashboard gauges.

David Sunnyside
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