Bona Traffic Review - A Tough and Durable Lacquer

April 15, 2023
David Sunnyside

bona traffic review

Bona Traffic review - a tough and durable lacquer

The Bona Traffic is one of the most popular waterborne polyurethanes. It’s tough and durable, has a high sheen, and is certified by UL. It’s also an eco-friendly choice, with a low VOC.

It’s perfect for commercial applications, especially restaurants, shops, schools and churches where heavy foot traffic is common. It’s available in satin, semi-gloss and gloss, which are resistant to slip and provide a beautiful finish.

If you’re looking for a high-performance, durable and green urethane floor finish, Bona Traffic HD is the ideal solution. It’s Greenguard Gold certified, low in VOCs and has unsurpassed scuff, scratch and chemical resistance at full cure.

Unlike Mega One, Traffic HD is fast drying, so you can walk on it 3-4 hours later after it dries to the touch and move furniture back in after 72 hours. It’s also easier to use because it doesn’t require sanding or priming in between coats, which is great for busy floors where you can’t spend as much time sanding and abrading!

Another great thing about Bona Traffic HD is that it comes with DIBt approval. This is a German certification for construction and maintenance products, so you can be sure that it’s good for indoor air quality!

Adhesion to pre-varnished flooring

If you’re using Bona Traffic HD on bare, freshly sanded wood, it’s advisable to apply a wood primer. This will help with adhesion between the varnish and the floor and can also improve the colouration of the final finish.

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